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Demonslayer Demons sketchdump

By Phobs
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Some of my sketches for Demonslayer comics)
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wow that fit lady, Hmmmm
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i really like a lot especially the first four designs and their outfit style :)
rumbul-tumbul's avatar
that is one colorful dog in the top right corner
FannyVecs's avatar
Wow you evolved a lot!
Squeeker2Char's avatar
I love seeing new ideas on how to design characters with horns! Lovely!
kreatyvkamz17's avatar
I love your artwork. I like the guy at the bottom eating the giant pot of soup!
Jessibels's avatar
Is there anywhere we can read these comics? Because these character designs are amazing (and really intriguing!) 
strangepixi's avatar
You're hands down one of my favorite artists. These are lovely.
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Wow, these character designs are gorgeous! :love:
mushroom38's avatar
Beautfiful, love them all :3
Speedvore's avatar
I love the one with them on the couch! The perspective and composition is very nicely done :)
RWQFSFASXC1234562's avatar
God danm the chick with long hair and transparent dress is so sexy and very hot!!
sirMizer's avatar
Such strong designs! Good work Phobs!
Andi-the-Duke's avatar
Omg i love them all! I love the way you color all the characters. ^_^ The reds and blues are a nice contrast.
VIKOBELO's avatar
your style is, as always, so gorgeous and warm and fun. i really love looking at it! great job on all of these, you're an inspiration! :heart:
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I'm really happy to see this comic is in English in Comixology now. Very cool!  I've been enjoying the sketches you've done for it.
MercuryStarlight's avatar
oooh, these are GORGEOUS!
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Diddo of what Vyrilien said! i always ennjoy your sketches! such talent! XD  
Vyrilien's avatar
Always ecstatic to see new uploads from you :heart:
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Loving all of these intensely.
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Really I love your portraits series ! They have something ethnical, mysterious and deep, and each character have their own aura. <3
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