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25 expressions meme

lol, I wanted to draw that for a very-very-very long time, but I don't had any....normal character for this meme ( u-huh, 25 expressions of Truman Dx)
Anyway - I finally done it )) The character - my Ima from Soldier Side) He have....Heydrich's type of face >__>
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lol for some reason the Rage expression reminds me of the medic from TF2 if he stole soldier's helmet XD
Syahtrec's avatar
haha I love these :D
iPadawan's avatar
How'd you use pencil?
Punk-Queen-13's avatar
that drunk face though xD
Knightsurfer5454's avatar
looks like a face that belongs in the "don't starve" game when its in black and white xD
MiragsTi's avatar
<font><font>А где можно взять эту форму?</font></font>
Eragon22255's avatar
I like his 'Silly' face.
Wynter-Frost's avatar
Omg I would love to see Batu's version of this :D He has the BEST facial expressions!
Roskbalkir's avatar
They are so varied, and you can see a lot of character in that face.
Maxcine99's avatar
I love how his hair also reflects his emotions! Brilliant!
RetzelPretzel's avatar
The irritated one actually looks sexy to me. hehe~ :love:
You've illustrated his emotions really well. The only one that seems to need reworking is 'Confused'. I'm just not seeing it.
Sioux-de-lune's avatar
Oh, just one question before the dodo... Where did you take the meme ? ^^
Issiacca's avatar
LOl this is funneh
Fantasygal99's avatar
His rage scares me...anywho it seems as though he's always irritated or serious isn't he?
irrwitzer's avatar
Рисунок- лицо художника. И почему все ваши персонажи такие симпатичные ?
ValiantIronSide's avatar
These are really good. i like youre style :'0
Axel-Fan007's avatar
;A; These are amazing, I love how expressive your style is! <3 Ima is adorable :love:
clovercarmen5's avatar
my favorites are blank, confident, and seroius
sasquatcheron's avatar
LOL @confused hahahah thats my favorite
hahatem's avatar
Legend-Sky's avatar
i really like your character :love:
ShiroiM's avatar
Hollow/Blank and Silly are so nice!
You're ans inspiration for me, seriously. I really am in love with oyur drawings and with your style, and your tutorials are helping me a lot! Thank you sooo much for making such a nice art. ( I know it's not for me you are here, but that doesn't make me less greatfull. :D )

Hope someday I can be as great at drawing as you are. :heart:
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