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Male Body Types Tutorial

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NOTE: I'm not trying to push any sexual identity agenda or statement with these, so for those calling this tutorial "cis-sexist", keep in mind that tutorials such as these are much easier and simpler to explain this way to an art-education audience.

I got so many inquiries about a male tutorial, so thanks to everyone for their patience. As with my female tutorial, I don't intend to offend anyone with these, so please don't get offended for some reason. These are very generalized body types, so there are a  million types in between these.

I may do up some more intensive anatomical tutorials based on my schooling and others' methods.

As before, there are many illustrators out there that know much more than I do, so I highly suggest studying their work and methodology:

Frank Frazetta
Tanino Liberatore
Steve Huston
Michael Hampton
John Buscema
Burne Hogarth
Andrew Loomis
Milo Manara
Paolo Serpieri
Phil Hale
Nishimura Kinu
Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Barry Windsor-Smith
Bernie Wrightson

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Hooollly shit thank you so much, for both tutorials <3

Cr1ms0n180's avatar
Thanks for the advise bud this is definitely help me

Extremely sexist to include genitals in only one of the two.

YeetMeDownTheStairs's avatar

there is just a ruff placement idea

Hestrome's avatar

Gonna favorite this one too, as I am a bit better at drawing masculine bodies, but I still need help with the different body types. Thanks again.

Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Who sent you h8 about it pushing cis-agenda? XD  Or rather should I say, where are the replies stating that?

I mean, I don't see any complaints in the comments.... save the one squeemish dude.
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
I think there were more on tumblr, but that site's dead now pretty much, haha
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Holy shit, new artist to watch
fakeno's avatar
Thank you for this super awesome and useful tutorial! 
I hope to use it soon!
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Glad to be of service!
KingGigabyte's avatar
Thank you for making this ! It's extremely helpful.
Why the fuck is this not downloadable! One of the greatest tutorials ive ever seen and i cant even use it. Whoever you are that made this, you are awesome, but fuck you.
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Um, can't you just right click and 'save as'? That's universal across pretty much every website on the internet. 
coconutrampage's avatar
This really helps >;) I draw the succ

On a serious level this will help me mold my cartoonish style weeeeeeeee :o
D-Blue02's avatar
Thank you very much for making this!  These tutorials will be a really big help in my artistic reeducation!
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Thank you, I'm happy it could be of use to you!
JackHeadphonius's avatar
I'm giving this a fave. I've been wanting to try making my own style, and I think this could help me practice! I'll fave the face tutorial and female tutorial while I'm at it :D
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Glad I could be of service!
oblivionartcraft132's avatar
This is probably one of the most realistic body drawing concepts I've encounter
Inspector-Spinda's avatar
cept that child is so fully of sassy. when i was a kid i didnt recall looking so coooool (lol)
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Kavahle22's avatar
Quick question: How does one differentiate a child from a little person? considering both types are about the same head height? Im tired when writing this so if i missed some obvious clue or something pls dont yell at me.
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Haha, no worries. If I had to guess, I'd probably say that little people tend to have the head size of a grown adult, but a body similar to that of a child. 
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