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Male Body Types Tutorial
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Published: December 18, 2014
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NOTE: I'm not trying to push any sexual identity agenda or statement with these, so for those calling this tutorial "cis-sexist", keep in mind that tutorials such as these are much easier and simpler to explain this way to an art-education audience.

I got so many inquiries about a male tutorial, so thanks to everyone for their patience. As with my female tutorial, I don't intend to offend anyone with these, so please don't get offended for some reason. These are very generalized body types, so there are a  million types in between these.

I may do up some more intensive anatomical tutorials based on my schooling and others' methods.

As before, there are many illustrators out there that know much more than I do, so I highly suggest studying their work and methodology:

Frank Frazetta
Tanino Liberatore
Steve Huston
Michael Hampton
John Buscema
Burne Hogarth
Andrew Loomis
Milo Manara
Paolo Serpieri
Phil Hale
Nishimura Kinu
Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Barry Windsor-Smith
Bernie Wrightson

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Shen-fn-WooStudent Traditional Artist
Who sent you h8 about it pushing cis-agenda? XD  Or rather should I say, where are the replies stating that?

I mean, I don't see any complaints in the comments.... save the one squeemish dude.
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
I think there were more on tumblr, but that site's dead now pretty much, haha
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Shen-fn-WooStudent Traditional Artist
Holy shit, new artist to watch
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fakenoHobbyist Artist
Thank you for this super awesome and useful tutorial! 
I hope to use it soon!
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Glad to be of service!
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KingGigabyteProfessional General Artist
Thank you for making this ! It's extremely helpful.
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
My pleasure!
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mrornge800Student Traditional Artist
Why the fuck is this not downloadable! One of the greatest tutorials ive ever seen and i cant even use it. Whoever you are that made this, you are awesome, but fuck you.
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Um, can't you just right click and 'save as'? That's universal across pretty much every website on the internet. 
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coconutrampageHobbyist Artist
This really helps >;) I draw the succ

On a serious level this will help me mold my cartoonish style weeeeeeeee :o
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D-Blue02Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for making this!  These tutorials will be a really big help in my artistic reeducation!
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm happy it could be of use to you!
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JackHeadphoniusHobbyist General Artist
I'm giving this a fave. I've been wanting to try making my own style, and I think this could help me practice! I'll fave the face tutorial and female tutorial while I'm at it :D
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Glad I could be of service!
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oblivionartcraft132Hobbyist Writer
This is probably one of the most realistic body drawing concepts I've encounter
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Inspector-SpindaHobbyist Digital Artist
cept that child is so fully of sassy. when i was a kid i didnt recall looking so coooool (lol)
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, I try! 
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Kavahle22Student General Artist
Quick question: How does one differentiate a child from a little person? considering both types are about the same head height? Im tired when writing this so if i missed some obvious clue or something pls dont yell at me.
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, no worries. If I had to guess, I'd probably say that little people tend to have the head size of a grown adult, but a body similar to that of a child. 
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Kavahle22Student General Artist
Ah ok, that does help. Thanks!
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GlauxBryoniaHobbyist General Artist
Old post, I know, but just in case you're still looking for ways to differentiate short adults from children:

1) children body lines are softer and more rounded compared to adults (think of the term 'baby fat'). You can make the distinction in drawings by making their bone structure and musculature less pronounced. So don't use hard lines for collarbones, clavicles, biceps, triceps, etc. The rib cage is a slightly different matter since that stands out unless they're very overweight, but it still shouldn't be drawn too sharply unless you're drawing a skinny kid. When drawing the neck, remember that the Adam's apple only starts to get clearly visible with puberty, and might not be visible on every adult (yay human variation).

2) an other way to make a distinction is with the face. A child's face seems smaller in comparison with the rest of the head than an adult's. The forehead is larger, and features such as the nose and mouth are smaller. Eyes often appear larger. Like with the body, children's features are often softer and more rounded, particularly at the cheeks and jaw. For a clear example, Just lay pictures of toddlers and adults next to each other and observe the main differences. By playing around with this you can draw children of various ages. The older the child, the less difference there is with the adult face.

I hope this is still helpful even after all this time. If not, sorry for bothering you.
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vick330Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most of these type of tutorial I've seen use different models, but you show the same model with well-defined characteristics for each body type, and it thus makes it easy to use as reference and really useful. Thank you for sharing :clap:
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks very much, I'm glad I could help!
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I can kind of understand where some of the more extreme reactions are coming from. When I was a little younger, I could not stand any nudity that did not have a warning filter, but really only for one specific reason: Nudity is forced on everybody through show biz, nonstop, and it's not good nudity. The nudity that is forced on you portrays it in a "dirty" way, kind of? And in a way that is supposed to shame you, while pretending to be "good natured" when it actually isn't. So, I get that. I used to be like that. It's frustrating when it's inescapable and you just want to give your brain a really long break. I've learned how to stop taking that out on others, who actually just mean good.

But, lol, this is a tutorial for male anatomy. Any reasonable person can understand the (very vague) genitals that are shown. So I don't really get their thought process here. Oh well. I'm glad you've found some humor in their comments though xD.

Thank you tons for this, by the way, and for baring with all the stupidity in order to help others out with the male figure. It's awesome of you.
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