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Hordes of Hell

Been itching to paint the classic Doom monsters for a while now. So here we are!

Doom fans will be able to pinpoint specific monsters from the game.
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Shoot it until it dies.
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You've kept all of them. :3
Nice job! I like how you kept their silhouettes minimal and almost hard to see from the background, and the textured shading is really interesting. :3
My only qualm would the Cyber's fist. it seems pretty blocky and undefined and a bit big for his size. But otherwise, great job! :D
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Thanks, and yes, I'd have to agree about that fist. Thanks for the suggestion, will fix it if I don't get too lazy! ; )
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Never get tired of doom fan art.... Never get tired of DOOM! Great work! love the colours and lighting in this.
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Thanks man, much appreciated!
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Hell yeah!! (see what i did there?)
I see..
The cyberdemon
and is that the mastermind? or an arachnotron?

great stuff man!!
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You got 'em! I'd probably have to say mastermind, because it might be a bit too big to be the arachnotron.

Thanks man!
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ha no problem dude!
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Wow, this looks great!!!
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Thanks as always!
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Games like Doom and Marathon are the ones I always come back too! :)
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Yup, all the old good games.

Hardly any new games have lasting appeal, and it aggravates me.
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I agree completely. Most games on PS3 and Xbox 360 are just crap compared to previous eras of gaming. There can be some exceptions, but most games are extremely bland with little to no originality whatsoever and colour palettes that are basically 1000 different shades of brown. Damn, what a disappointing generation outside of Nintendo (I personally liked the Wii and the DS and 3DS have happily consumed most of my non-retro gaming time). Oh yeah, and music has taken a major downplay this era too, which also annoys me to no end!
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It's really funny. 3D graphics have come a loooong way and are very impressive and all, but for whatever reason, they just don't feel as artistically crafted as a 2D game. Modern games now are also too much like an interactive movie, which I kinda hate.

In short, games don't look fun, aren't fun, or don't sound fun anymore.
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That is EXACTLY how I feel about modern games. That said, I still love PSX,and PS2 as 3D consoles. There games were still good and didn't look so damn realistic; I find realistic graphics unappealing while 2D and older 3D are appealing to me. People just say I'm stuck with "retro goggles" but I don't care. I love classic gaming, and people who don't can just stop bugging me about it! Not talking about you, I knew a lot of people who never shut up about how realistic graphics make the game fun. Hard to find retro gamers locally nowadays. I'm only 16 and my former classmates were aggravating to listen to most of the time.
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To me, the only games with spectacular realistic graphics that ares till very fun are GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.
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Yes, but those weren't 50 shades of brown and grey dullness, either.
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