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Aboard the Derelict

Living Space Jockeys aboard the derelict spacecraft from Alien. I tried meshing my drawings of the space jockeys with a film still to imitate the look of film.

I'm trying not to get too excited about Prometheus, since all of the latest news is still considered a rumor. But those rumors from "inside sources" indicate that the Space Jockey race will still be in the film, and also describes the construction of an 8 ft. tall animatronic space jockey. So, here's hoping!

EDIT: Absolutely love the human-like designs of the Engineers from Prometheus. Was a bit skeptical at first, but they worked better than I would have ever imagined. Very disturbing and unsettling designs that kept right in line with what made the original Alien so great.
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Turning the Jockeys into some kind of alpha-humanoid race with no physical distinctions between them was incredibly stupid if you ask me. I disagree when you call that "disturbing and unsettling." I call it uncreative. What is now known as nothing more than an exo-suit used to be plenty disturbing and unsettling and should have been expanded upon. It was never designed as a "suit". It was designed as an organism.

Honestly, you and others can be okay with that part, but I never will. In fact, just about everything about Prometheus pissed me off, especially that funky pterodactyl looking proto-alien at the end. One of the phrases used in promoting the film was "questions will be answered". Nothing was answered. If anything we have more questions now than before. If they don't find an artful way of directly connecting what we saw in Prometheus to the creature in Alien, I'll be happy to write it off as if it never happened.

Awesome pic by the way. Sorry, it inspired a rant that I haven't gotten off my chest since I saw the movie.
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I agree, Prometheus was like if you where buying the "Joconde" just to piss on it, and take it to the garbage
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Haha, that's quite alright. It's a very dividing movie.

I don't know, there was just something about their faces looking so young and yet so old and defined. Like a living Michelangelo sculpture.

Yeah, now that the hype has settled down, I don't think Prometheus will ever compare to Alien, but I still loved it. I really don't care about the answers, I like asking questions. It preserves the mystery.

Thanks man, glad you like it!
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Well I knew from an early stage that there would be at least two movies. And we all know now that the second movie has to happen. Has to. I read Ridley Scott saying something about possibly needing a third movie in order to bring the vision full circle connecting to Alien. I really don't care what it takes as long as we eventually get back to seeing a true xeno doing its thing in its own movie again, rather than another god awful AVP sequel.

Speaking of that, I'd really like to see another AVP. That is, I'd like to see one that isn't a piece of uninspired garbage.
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Yeah, AVP, uggh, I don't want to talk about it.

Yeah, can't wait 'til they bring it full circle!
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I guess queen wasn't the only one who made eggs, they were originally created by the engineers as far as I know, but I could be wrong though. Or maybe the alien queen bursted it's way through the engineer's rip cage in the control room where Dallas, Kane and Lambert found him dead in the first Alien movie, and laid her eggs below it. XD
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If I had to rationalize the Queen, I'd say that the Space Jockeys engineered it as a walking egg factory.

I just like to think that the Engineer/Jockeys bioengineered the eggs and then placed them in their cargo hold.
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I'm so disappointed they made the space jockey look so human. I wish they'd kept it looking completely alien.
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I didn't like it either.

For me it sucks.
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Thank you! someone with brains.
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Your guys' loss then.

More alien designs would've been cool, but the more human route made them look extremely unsettling and disturbing. They looked like living renaissance sculptures.
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I'm not saying it was a bad movie. I enjoyed it for what it was, but the Aliens could have been much more disturbing if they were more like the elephantoid creature (space jockey) from the first movie.
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Yeah, I know. I'm not accusing you of hating it.

Would've been cool to see that for sure, but I really do like they way they turned out. At least the elephantine design was still in the movie though.
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I actually loved the new design. I liked the nod to the original with the suits, but I felt the new design was much more unsettling and disturbing.
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since the space jockey's are definetly going to be in prometheus, do think they'll give us the origin of the aliens (as in explain the hole in the jockey's chest)?
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I don't know, I certainly hope so. But so far, it seems Ridley Scott's trying to disconnect the Alien franchise from Prometheus as much as possible.
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Really exceptional.
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Very well done, great movement, very creepy.

Need Prometheus Now!
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Man, I'm so sick of waiting for that film.
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Yeah, me too. It's probably my most anticipated movie ever. Also, did you know that Ridley Scott is planning on making a Blade Runner sequel after Prometheus? Ridley Scott is the best!

Also, if you are interested here is a link to a space jockey pic I drew recently: [link]
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