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[FoFs] | Ghoulish Glee

💀 Ghoulish Glee 💀 

Ghoulish Glee has been unleashed!

SB: $300 | Unlock Changeling form: $500 | AB: $1000

Auction ends Oct 22nd, at 11: 59 PM PST

If you'd like to purchase the design with a payment plan please note before bidding!

"What's life without a little mayhem?"


As always, there is no need to keep to the stories written for these characters. I tend to write down the inspiration for the design initially, but you are free to write up something completely different! This character in particular is gendered in the story but also does not have to be kept that way.

Story is made with both designs in mind, and will be posted if Unlock condition is met. It's been met!

TW: Bullying, Injury, near-death experience


The story of a bullied misunderstood creature was a huge cliche, and of course, that meant that there were plenty of people who fell into it in order for it to become a cliche in the first place. There they were, a walking cliche...

Paws padded against the cold cobblestone, brisk and frustrated, moving away from the bustle of the festival taking place in the center square of the town. Colorful lights, fantastical displays, cheering children and adults alike. It was sickening.

The quickly formed bruise on their cheek throbbed once more, a frustrating reminder of why they weren't feeling the festivities like all the others. They never fit in anyways, why did they have to put up with the fake niceties of a "perfect town." They were never speaking about the inner workings of the town, just how it presented to those outside. The group who gifted them this bruise was the same as the last one, why they were being targeted now didn't matter, it was always something about their eyes that made everyone think they were being challenged. Utterly stupid.

Bullies never learn until they're taught a lesson, or their parents teach them otherwise. The bullied kid finds friends and gets help, or asks for help, something to change the way their life is going now. Sometimes, an unexpected event changes their life, giving them new perspective or gives them the ability to stand up for themselves. Any of that would be great actually, but as the bab continued to walk down the cold stone road, they knew that wasn't going to happen to them.

The road they walked along was one they've walked many times before, when they wanted to cool their head or just escape for a while. It was a simple path, go straight, eventually turn right, straight, then right again, back to the town with you. Why it existed like this the bab didn't know, it went on for a while in a single direction before you had the two rights, there was nothing out here... at least, there hadn't before. Turning right was the same, but as they walked forward there wasn't a second right to take them back to town. Instead, they were made to take a left, then a left, then a left, and as they continued to walk in what felt like circles, they were suddenly walking straight towards a house, stopping in front of a black gate that led into a large courtyard. How... had they gotten here?

The screech of a horn startled them, looking over towards burning lights, temporarily blinding them to what was coming towards them. The thundering of wheels on stone was impossibly loud, growing louder, and in a split second, and as their body went flying through the air on impact, their vision went black. Ah, so this was actually the day they died, huh. Should've expected it. Waking up a moment later, the first thing they realized was that they absolutely couldn't see anything, they could hear the rustling of leaves, the rush of wind that chilled the parts of them that were damp, what with all the blood and all they supposed.

A creak of a gate, and quick footsteps graced their ears, but they couldn't muster the energy to open their eyes, opting for a groan of acknowledgement instead. A gasp, and internally they laughed at the thought of a polite, demure person coming across the mangled body of an idiot at their doorstep. Maybe they'd faint, leaving them to bleed out on the porch. They guessed now wasn't the time to be so morbid.

"This just won't do darling, i'm going to need you to move along, having you here is just so unsightly."

...Not what they expected. They assumed this was karmas way of repaying their jokes, they deserved it probably. The voice moved around their body, perfectly pleasant but not very happy as they hmm'd and ah'd, at what, they couldn't be sure. At this point they were waiting to be tossed to the curb.

"There is so much sadness in you." The voice murmured, "A deep seeded yearning that's been locked away in your heart, isn't there? Oh, a tumultuous relationship with your home, a victim of bored townsfolk with nothing better to do." The voice hmm'd, and after a bit of muttering to themselves, and potentially realizing they'd gone off on a tangent, spoke clearly. "You haven't passed already have you?"

They attempted a groan, and a wheeze escaped them. "Ah! Good, well, I was thinking about another way I could fix my little problem, with your body littering my beautiful porch. I'm not one for charity, buuuut, I can be a benevolent being <sometimes>. I know, I know, i'm incredibly generous."

A bout of self congratulatory chattering, and the bab found themselves dozing off. As their hearing got fuzzy, the being next to them spoke once more, drawing them back to the surface.

"And, you could actually be useful. I feel that inkling of chaos in your soul, a nugget of "what if i just let loose?", "what if i didn't hold myself back?", "What if i wasn't afraid of fighting back?", and that's incredibly delicious to hear from a soul as bottled up as yours. Yes, i think i could help you, and in turn, you will help me."

The bab had no clue what this person was saying, and for a moment wished they could just tell them to leave them alone and let them die when the being began to chant, a long string of syllables and sounds that made no sense to the bab lying there on the ground. A tremble began in their sore muscles.

"Besides" The voice whispered, "what's life without a little mayhem?"

With that rang a charming laughter and then all they could register was electricity, every nerve in their body alight and burning. It wasn't a painful burn though, the feeling that coursed through them had them feeling like they could do anything their heart desired. A power that was slowly invading their veins, their mangled body stitching itself together to keep it all inside.

Colors shifted, their body reforming itself in a new, yet similar image. They felt light, very light, and absolutely indestructible. A newly charged eye opened, and through the blue mist that surrounded their body, they saw the other being looking upon them with adoration.



The few who happened to cross paths with the newly transformed bab would find one of a few things: A peculiarly shaped patch of dirt in the grass. A few nice looking crates filled with rotten fruits. A small and empty house with nice woodwork, their doors all open. A short cobblestone road leading deep into the forest, a sign saying "Welcome" at the entrance. Some would entice the travelers to come and rifle through what was on the ground, check to see if there was anything valuable. Those who would, would always feel a pair of eyes boring into the back of their head. Some would make it out, and those who wouldn't, those who followed that path to the forest, hearts filled with greed, well, who would miss them anyways?


:bulletgreen: A touch of wickedness :bulletgreen:
-evidence of having come across something wicked. Hair strands dipped inky dark. (just a touch of a darker color on 1 part of the body (hair tips, no matter the length, will always be the same dark, inky color.))

:bulletpink: Two-tone horns :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: "Tri Spots" Markings :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Flicker Eyes :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Wild Tail :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Devilish Horns :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Common Paws :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Common Ears :bulletblue:

Bulletbeige by PhloxeButt Deep Scarring: Shows the color of the inner flesh  Bulletbeige by PhloxeButt

Changeling Form

:bulletwhite: Luji | Illusion Alignment :bulletwhite:

:bulletgreen: Changeling (Fall) :bulletgreen:

Crederians who have gained a second form, a "true" form, through some magical means or through some sort of not so divine intervention...
:bulletblack: Wicked Pact
- Mystic Smoke
- Segmentation (can reform and split at will) | Partial Regeneration
- Skeletal Tail
- Glowing Markings
- Vibrant teeth
:bulletpink: - Dull Coat
:bulletgreen: Two-tone horns v2 (alternating colors) :bulletgreen:


:bulletpink: Two-tone horns (each horn a separate color) :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Flicker + Outline Eyes :bulletpurple:
:bulletpink: "Tri Spots" Markings :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Devilish Horns :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Common Paws :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Common Ears :bulletblue:


Ghoulish Glee Concept Start Da by PhloxeButt

initial concept sketch, this design in particular was developed after i lined and started filling in the basic markings! so it's rougher than the last ones uu;;;


Mantibabs are a species by PhloxeButt
for use in Crederia


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This bab is so gorgeous!! I love the markings!! ;o;

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thank you SO much <:0 i am so glad you like them! this was an incredibly fun design to think up!

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This baby bab reminds me of an old arcade carpet and I say this in the best way

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i....... absolutely didn't have that in mind but once i thought about the purple coat with vibrant multicolored triangles i cannot say it didn't cross my mind at least once x9

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