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[FoFs] : 02 Road Kill


🚗 Road Kill 🚗 

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"A date with death? i don't think so..."


As always, there is no need to keep to the stories written for these characters. I tend to write down the inspiration for the design initially, but you are free to write up something completely different!

TW: Injury, death, please read with caution.

The flames of the torchlight were the only visible signs of life on the dreary, well worn road. They'd been travelling for what felt like a week already but still didn't seem like they were close enough to the neighboring city. 4 days, is what they were told it would take, and it had been? what? 5? they were taking too long. Did they make a wrong turn? This seemed to be the only road around that could accommodate a carriage. They didn't want to be sticking around these parts too long, being human didn't give you many advantages out in the wilds of crederia, the abundance of filthy creatures making a mockery of their good society, a facsimile of human thought and knowledge. It boiled their blood, and had they any access to teleportation magics, they'd never set foot outside the safety of their walls. The creatures don't enter their settlements, and that was a small blessing, with the technology they had on their hands, they were about to expand those walls, they just had to deliver it. 

What good is all that land to animals anyways?


The carriage bounced as it came upon something in the road, heavy wheels endlessly turning, and the passengers had to brace themselves to not be tossed around. 

 They yelled to the driver, "Did we hit something?"

No response.

Another knocked against the front wall of the carriage, "Hello? We asked if we hit something" 

Still no response. The horses were picking up speed.


Another jolt, bigger this time, sent them toppling in their seats. It's a wonder the carriage didn't tip.

"Stop the carriage!" One person yelled.

But it fell on deaf ears.



Everyone in the carriage was yelling at this point, and it only spurned the horses on faster. The carriage barreled down the road, horses frantic at this point, as those inside held onto the walls for dear life. A wail of incoherent babbles dribbled from their mouths, and a few began to mutter under their breath, praying to one of the many gods out there to let them escape this carriage safely. 

There was a pause in the air as the heavy thumping of hooves suddenly became the scrambling of the dirt, the horses screaming in fear as they attempted to stop themselves, momentum barreling them forward as they tried to stop. Too much too late, the carriage was toppling the moment the horses tried to stop against them, wheels leaving the road and rolling, the leather holding the horses snapping and dropping them as they were getting taken. 

The hammering of hooves in the distance was all the surviving rider heard as the smell of burning cloth and wood hit their nose. Peering around granted them darkness, the lonely road becoming visible as the flames grow around them. A whispering laugh draws their attention.

A single glowing wisp hovers, bobbing towards the radius of light, after a moment, more wisps appear to trail behind them. Moving proves to be difficult, but the wisp instills a deep fear, and they try to drag themselves away. 


That voice draws their attention, and in the growing flames the creature that stalks in from the darkness is visible. They can't help the whimper that escapes them.

"Hitting me with that carriage... wasn't nice you know, Those wheels were heavy." The creature whispers, raspy and strenuous, breath labored. "I repaid.... the driver, but i don't think that's enough."

The creature walked at an odd angle, and they quickly realized the reason being the sharp angle the neck hung at, letting their head bob with every step. Their attempts to drag themselves picked up speed, until they felt the lick of the flames behind them. The creature came closer.


The creature laughed again. Eye particularly malicious as their fiery flecks merged with the raging fire behind

"A date with death? Not for me, no, but for you?"

A laugh, and a scream rings through the air, and then silence.


:bulletblack: Flowerless Tail injury (odd) :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Everlasting injury - tracks (odd) :bulletblack:

:bulletyellow: Glow of the Firelight - embers (event) :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Mischevious Soul - wisp trail - eyes (event) :bulletyellow:

:bulletpink: Floral Cape :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Elongated tongue :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: common ears :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: common paws :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: common markings :bulletblue:


Road Kill Concept by PhloxeButt

initial concept sketch


Lelokos are a species by PhloxeButt
for use in Crederia 


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GriffinDragonhands's avatar

This design is gorgeous and I love the story behind it!

(and does this mean humans exist in the world of Crederia?)

PhloxeButt's avatar

Thank you so much! the idea for this leloko was burning in the back of my mind and i'm so happy to have been able to introduce it like this!

and yes! Humans have always existed, although initially they were completely separate from crederians, with humans sort of being the "danger" for crederians back when crederians were more like wild animals. in current canon, you can find people dispersed here and there in the various towns and cities, especially in towns with large marketplaces looking to sell and trade with the crederians who live there! There are human towns/cities that are completely opposed to crederia being led astray by "animals", and would still be a danger, although currently the leaders of the larger cities have come together to meet with the humans to agree to a truce. There will always be people who don't agree on either side, and the story for Road Kill is a small snippet of some who were trying to start something against Crederia as a whole, or, at least they were until they came across this particular leloko.

GriffinDragonhands's avatar

I do remember some mantibabs being captured as pets or being in fighting rings as part of backstories years ago, but I wasn't sure if humans were still a part of the current canon. Thanks so much for the detailed answer : D !

PhloxeButt's avatar

Ahhhh, the primordial history of babs x9 Now everyone's been upgraded to rpg protagonist!

And of course! My development of crederia has gone past the initial "feral animals" and i'm gonna have a great time developing storylines for the group >:3 i hope these halloween designs give some insight to the world canon in a fun way! But humans never disappeared for me, even if they're not the apex predator. Aside from humans, crederians as a whole have access to magic to turn themselves anthro as well, so you could headcanon a purely bipedal world if that's more your fancy!

GriffinDragonhands's avatar

I like that! I’ll keep that in mind >: D

PhloxeButt's avatar

I am so sorry this one took me a while to upload but here they are! Please comment to bid here!

PhloxeButt's avatar

oh! wonderful! if you could please note me your paypal i can send an invoice your way asap

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