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Bottles on a shelf. by Phisisturae Bottles on a shelf. :iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 4 2 Gina Pixel by Phisisturae Gina Pixel :iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 1 1 Pixel Practise #2 by Phisisturae Pixel Practise #2 :iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 2 5 first attempt at pixel art by Phisisturae first attempt at pixel art :iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 1 4
nodus tollens
the rules of the bed are very simple
- you are given a body and a window.
everything is made difficult
- but you get participation prizes.
the aim is to find yourself
- hint: look between your fingers.
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 3 2
Autumn Brevette
S e a s o n
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 4 10
Untitled VI
s e a l e d
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 2
A bad place.
How much can you not say anything
before grief becomes a paragraph?
Before paragraphs become holes
in you with blood exiting them -
when will the wounds form?
A body can grow around a splinter,
but planks don't apologise,
and dust squats in lungs apologising
until you are left with nothing but your age and air
- nothing should impede growth.
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 2 2
Within my ribs a mountain stands, peeks and
squints at the outside. He knows he fills the cracks
in me. I mourn the days when I could breathe.
Some grand view will crown the heights and one day
I will see.
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 7 12
The collection, pt. 2.
Coll e c t s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 5
The collection, pt. 1.
C o l l
e c t
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 2
Untitled V
G l a c i a t e s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 6
Untitled IV
b r e a k s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 0
Untitled III
s e t t l e s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 3
78. Change in the Weather
c a l l s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 2 4
76. Summer Haze
l i f t s
:iconphisisturae:Phisisturae 0 2

I've been writing poetry since I was twelve. My inspirations are Kipling, Belloc, Keats, Duffy, Dickinson, Big Poppa E and all those poets that got me into this shit in the first place on this wretched site (you know who you are.)

I largely do freeform poetry because I am lazy - from time to time my brain will occasionally remember how to do sonnets, villanelles and sestinas. My poetry springs from my head fully formed, largely. I also have two huge and scruffy scrapbooks of spontaneous poems that I will start to post when I have filled the "second volume". I have written an estimated five hundred poems.

I am working (slowly) on two anthologies that should make their way to kindle some time in the coming year. The first focusing on texture and animism, the second on wildflowers and weeds of the westcountry.

I also write stories, sketch, paint, make costumes and sew; you will see these creations very rarely when I judge them fit to share with the internet. They are largely hobbies and done just for fun.

I welcome critique on all my pieces - unless specified otherwise.

Stamp: Critique Please by SimplySilent Comments by SimplySilent
So er, hi. I'm back - kinda.
Not permanently. I am popping in because I really need to reassure people I am not disapearing forever.

Exuses: I have been away for a while mostly because I just withdrew into myself. I had a lot of deadlines on the horoizon, a lot of work that wasn't able to launch until mid decemeber, before which I had the holidays to tunnel through, which was also difficult for me and my anxiety, spending time with my family is enjoyable but also a daunting task at times, epecially when food is involved.
I planned to make a journal new years day and be a lot more chipper, but uni started again and that has been no picnic. Illness for me and my flatmate/partner, my anxiety has been high and I have new medication which is making my habits change.

I am very sorry for just ducking out and not talking, sincerely, I should not have done that and at least left people with a little note of hiatus rather than a scary journal about trauma (bad connotations lol I am alive I promise.) I am also sorry for not living up to responsibilities I had given myself on various groups, and overestimating my abilities in the first place.

I wouldn't be back unless I had a solution to deal with the fact I am not that I am not a social butterfly.
No more comment for comment, because I just cannot manage it. ;-;
I am gonna stop replying to comments on my deviations and thank you note posting, which sucks I know, I will always thank people (perhaps with copy/paste things and plz acounts) but I shan't start a conversation unless it is a indepth critique. I won't stop talking to people in general, that would be silly, I will mostly initiate things on deviations and journals etc but I will stop tasking myself to give 10-50 comments a week like I was doing before. However, if you want to chill with me extensively, dA is not the best place. Join me on tumblr or maybe skype, I am much better at comunicating there.
I don't mean to sound like I am a big horrible monster who hates talking and communication is this big labourious thing for me, but it does make me very, very tired due to poor health and medication to treat that. Energy is a precious resource for me and I would rather explain my geeral abilities than let comments sit in my inbox for ten, twenty days before they are answered sufficiently. 

I am not ready to jump back into things again properly, I have a few deadlines to finish before I'll be back and properly talking but for now have a journal and an apology. See you soon.


Phisisturae's Profile Picture
a name.
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello - I’m Phis.
I'm a poet of sorts, but I also love to get crafty now and again. I'm a uni student studying religion and creative writing, currently recovering from a severe anxiety disorder and chronic depression.

Mainly my poetry is about my mental health, my disabilities, my relationships, my pantheism, animism and witchery as well as other fun things like that. I aim to be an honest and enjoyable person to be around.

I try to comment on 5-50 poems a day, sometimes I just lurk because I have a lot of health issues which mean I can't do much more than stare at a screen some days.

Phisisturae is a nonsense word I made up because it looked very pretty. I've decided its an noun that describes the act of something very mundane catching your eye in a very extraordinary way, the profound appreciation of sundry objects and phenomena (Fih-cyst-tour-eye).




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