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Broken Genesis X - Part 2
Oblivion grunted as spears of ice erupted from the ground beneath him, their jagged edges ripping into his clothes as he dove to the side. Both blades in hands, he dashed forward with a great burst of speed, slashing Scum with his blades with little resistance. Grinding his foot into the ground, Oblivion thrust Scum away with all of the strength he could muster, sending his opponent careening into a nearby grove of trees and shrubbery. Narrowing his eyes, Oblivion sprinted after his foe, his swords glowing with arcane light as his adrenaline began to increase. An ethereal red ring materialized over Scum’s body, and a wave of fire erupted from his form. Oblivion staggered backwards as the intense flames burned through the foliage.
A torrential spout of water burst from the ground as Juliet raised her wand in concentration, the water following her hand gestures and crashing into Scum. Steam quickly began to flood the air as the flames cloaking Scum were extinguished. Oblivion spare
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Broken Genesis X - Part 1
"They're getting close to freeing her, Vein," Hyperion said as he slowly stood from his squat, his closed eyes now open. The Titan Lord of Light could feel his hold over Luna's mind begin to waver slightly. In a matter of time, maybe minutes, maybe hours, Luna’s grip on her body would return. And as she was not native to Mobius, turning her mind dark had been... difficult to begin with.
“It matters not,” a cold voice replied, the sound not unlike nails scratching a chalkboard. Vein stood before a long corridor, the walls an ancient architecture. He raised a hand, sensing a barrier in front of him. With a chuckle, he let his dark powers ripple through his body, the overwhelming magnitude of them shattering the barrier like scissors cutting paper. “Luna was only meant to be a distraction. There is not enough time for them to reach us. Not now.”
“They’ll find a way!!” A defiant shout exclaimed. Vein sighed before turning around to face a tie
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Broken Genesis IX
"Luna..." Spirit said, his voice little more than a whisper. The fact that Luna, a great friend of his, was now threatening to impale him with ice drills was overwhelming. These eyes he looked into now were not Luna's, he knew that for certain. And yet... the familiarity of them, the memories they used to represent... were enough to halt all of Spirit's reasoning. His Vector Blade, which channeled his gravity powers, was just out of his reach. He could try to use the powers without the blade, but that would mean he might hurt Luna...
He narrowed his eyes as he tried to strategize, to find a way out of this situation. It had been a few minutes now, and Luna- or this thing that looked like her- seemed to be milking every tense minute for its worth. She sneered and the ice drills overhead began to sharpen. Spirit had to act now. He felt his mighty magical power begin to surge within him as he opened his mental connection to the mana streams around him. It was refreshing, invigorating... e
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Broken Genesis VIII
Outside of the building was quiet, a silent foreboding chill in the air reminding the very earth how critically important the outcome of this battle would be. For the Geneforce, the very destiny of the world... no, the destiny of the universe now hung in the balance, and failure was certainly not an option. For the villains, the greatest obstacle in the universe- the Geneforce- could finally be vanquished, and a new age could be brought about.
The motives for the villains? That varied. For Hyperion, he wanted to avenge his siblings, who fell at the hands of Xanthos. Charisma? She wants what she rightfully deserves, with Luna being an obstacle in her path. Scum's only wish is to see the universe burn, but Speedster has proven himself capable of stopping him. As for Floen the Icevil? Beauty. Absolute and perfect. But Vein?
Nobody knows.
"We're nearing the destination..." Juliet murmured over a microphone, her eyes scanning the controls before her. Yeah, piloting aerial vehicles is hard
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Broken Genesis VII
A mighty foot smashed into Blastion's face, sending him reeling backwards in pain. He quickly lifted his hands to clutch his face as he backed into a wall. The blood from his new wound flowed across his face and covered his eyes, partially blinding him as he tried to blink it away. This was all wrong. The Geneforce were Mobius' mightiest heroes, the universe's first line of defense against intergalactic threats. They'd taken down much more powerful foes before, so why was Charisma such a problem?
~Because she's crafty. She knows when she's outmatched...~ Blastion thought to himself bitterly. He dodged a deadly kick from Charisma's shoes, whose hidden compartments had unveiled deadly blades. ~For Charisma to be this direct and confrontational means she has no doubts she's going to win! She doesn't see me as a threat!~
It was in that moment that Blastion was about to go on the offensive that a red blur rammed itself into his chest, knocking the wind out of him and knocking several feet b
:iconphirania:Phirania 0 0
Broken Genesis VI
To live is to die. To die is to live. It is impossible for one to turn back the hands of time... Or so you may think. Some say time is but an illusion, others believe it akin to omnipotence. Perhaps they were right, perhaps they were wrong... But in the depths of the underground cavern, the Kronos Stone did not care for such trivial thoughts.
It could sense beings of great power above, fighting valiantly, but not realizing the outcome of their hopeless struggle. In the claws of time, they would be forever forgotten, forever alone. History would speak of their feats, but would never be able to reimage their souls.
The Stone knew they were coming, as it had known for years, since its very existence. They only saw it as a tool, a weapon of mass destruction, an object of neverending power. Never even considering that the stone was so much more.
It's home had been with the Celestio-sapian race, the only species that truly understood the depths of its power. After all, the Celestio-sapians w
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The Bedlam Games - Impending Disasters
Freak. Monster. How long could one take such slander? How long would it take for a man to snap completely? To fall off the edge of sanity and lash out against the world? Well, perhaps some could ignore it and brush it off... but not Riley Cole. When someone said something hateful to him, he'd knock their lights out, no questions asked. Riley stood on a cliffside overlooking a highly-populated city: New Hildebrand. It was a large and imposing urban mega-city, the very site where so many of Riley's problem's had began. But... it wasn't just him who had to suffer.
The sun was setting, the skies now crimson. Riley's well-chiseled face was weary, his brows furrowed in thought as he clenched his large fists. He remembered those faces... so hateful... so snooty... He hated it. Those people were known haters of Riley's kind, the metahumans. But... the vampires were hated the most... like Riley.
It had only been around three months, but a strange viral plague originating in Roswell, New Mexico
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The Bedlam Games - Sprint
A silver feminine figure rocketed through the sky, her transparent body shining in the dawning sun's light. She glared behind her at the costumed man chasing her, dressed in military garb. As the sun's light grew stronger, the soldier seemed to become faster, catching up to the Spectra's speed easily. He lifted a hand, and a beam of electrical energy erupted from his fingertips. The ghostly woman tried to fly out of range of the attack, but as she looked behind her, she could see the beam sharply change direction, right towards her. She growled in frustration and her hair grew several times in length, shielding her body from the attack. As the resulting impact rippled through her body, she could feel herself becoming numb and crash into the pavement below.
The military soldier was on her instantly, fist glowing with golden light and sparks. With a roar, he threw his fist down, only for the Spectra to phase through the ground, shifting her density to evade the attack completely. The gho
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The Badlam Games - One Wish
"Where is this place?" A field of cobalt sparkled grass stretched out into a large expanse of land, a single tree in its center. The tree's leaves were platinum in color, its many limbs were a dazzling gold. The soft crimson skies above lacked clouds of any kind, yet somehow blocked the sun's beams. The songs of the forest were nonexistent, leaving only the unseen howl of the winds. With each sway of platinum leaves, a silvery being would be seen wandering the grasses, but fade away just as quickly. Though a place of great beauty, gloom hung heavy in the air.
The speaker was feminine in origin, yet her voice was rough, as if it hadn't been used for years. Golden eyes scanned the unfamiliar valley, seeing the trees, the silver beings, the sunless skies. A foreboding sense filled the speakers head, but was quickly hushed by a strange sense of serenity. Nothing was dangerous here.
"Young one... your spirit filled with hatred and anger... what brings you here? To the land of the wandering
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The Bedlam Games - Secrets
"You shouldn't be here."
Steely cold eyes shrouded by shadow pierced through the young teenage girl, their presence exuding a sense of fear. The girl stepped backwards, her eyes wide as the eyes began to move closer, their host now mere yards away from the girl, yet still cloaked in darkness. As a cold wind swept through the dark autumn night, the girl could feel a chilling sensation from behind her. Within the space of a mere second, the person she had been following had planted itself behind her, and it wasn't happy.
"You just couldn't keep to yourself, could you? Just had to try to out me and my family? Well, that ain't happening!" The voice said with a malevolent chuckle as the girl visibly stiffened. She looked up, seeing a horde of black furry bodies swoop down from above and fly around her in a tornado-like fashion. Their wings and claws snipped her body everywhere, and she tried to hold back her scream. The squeals and illusionary laughter of the bats flooded her mind, invading
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Omnommers by Phirania Omnommers :iconphirania:Phirania 1 0
Broken Genesis V
Traveling through the tunnel, Blastion glanced at the other two quickly before facing front again. He wasn't exactly comfortable with either of these two beings behind him. Being a bounty hunter, Blastion often didn't bother forging alliances, much less making bonds of friendship. His lava-tipped tail flared somewhat, illuminating the darkening tunnel. He was especially cautious around Xanthos, someone he knew very little about. Blastion wasn't sure if he could trust the cat. And Xanthos knew it. The last encounter the two had had wasn't exactly... pleasant, to say the least.
Xanthos didn't quite trust Blastion either, finding the fox's lifestyle despicable. Hunting people like that and selling them off to who-knows-where? It was tasteless, and deplorable. He held back a storm of sparks as his annoyance grew. He had to focus on the mission right now, not on the bounty hunter.
"I'm sensing enemies up ahead..." Genesis murmured, crouching down to prevent enemies from seeing him. He then
:iconphirania:Phirania 0 11
Broken Genesis IV
"Come on, step it up!!" Speedster yelled as he jogged backwards through the tunnel. Despite the clusters of crystals hanging dangerously low from the ceiling, Speedster had no trouble dodging them for the past ten minutes or so. He grinned goofily as he stopped, waiting for Luna to catch up. "Don't you want to beat some baddies? I do! I love crushing them into the ground and laughing in their faces! But then they always slip away before I can really throttle 'em!"
Luna was annoyed, rubbing her temples to ease her headache. This hog seriously couldn't stop talking!! She ducked underneath a cluster of crystals from above, reaching Speedster's location. The crimson hedgehog's grin widened.
"You're too slow!" He laughed as he literally ran circles around Luna. The she-hog sighed in annoyance before lifting an arm, clotheslining Speedster. The momentum of the crimson hedgehog sent him flying forward and he crashed into the tunnel wall facefirst.
"And you need to be more observant..." Luna r
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Gates of Heaven, Depths of Hell
Where have the heroes gone?
Corrupted by sadness,
Fallen into vengeance.
Villains fight for control
but Chaos rules them all.
Ragnarok draws cloaser.
Peace a lost illusion.
What has caused peace to die?
Where have the heroes gone?
A woman cries in sleep.
Blankets can't keep her warm.
She lost her own daughter.
Her first friend was murdered
And she couldn't save him.
Those heroes fought Madness
Trying to protect hope.
Madness became Passive
But Order lost control.
Chaos within the light.
With the Balance restored
The final trial stood.
They would not truly win:
Their losses were too great.
A teen male seeks revenge.
His lover had just died,
Slain by her minds demon.
The gods could have saved her
but they thought her useless.
Where have the heroes gone?
Lost in their own despair
Thinking they are at fault
Don't they see that there's hope?
No... their minds have been warped.
The universe needs them
So much more than before
The unity is lost.
Where have the heroes gone?
:iconphirania:Phirania 1 8
Broken Genesis III
As soon as the words left Luna's lips, Charisma's undead minions sprung from the shadows, mouths dripping with drool. They were instantly upon the heroes, overwhelming them with their numbers.
They were misshapen, their bodies contorted in strange positions and mouths gnashing with drool. The heroes quickly readied themselves for battle.
Blastion front-flipped towards a nearby group of undead, his lava tail blazing at he tail-whipped them. Their frail bones instantly snapped under the heat and fell to the ground, bodies smashing to bones on impact. Blastion then lifted a hand to the undead's defenseless head, and unleashed a wave of lava to consume them. He felt a sudden rush of wind blow past him, and he watched Speedster battle his own undead. This one was bigger, and wouldn't fall as easily.
Speedster unsheathed his blade, striking the undead giant several times at speeds the eye could not follow. The crimson hedgehog then spun the sword in his hands several times before sheathing i
:iconphirania:Phirania 0 0
Broken Genesis II
"He's back."
A green hedgehog with a staff strapped to his back strode into the conference room, holding a stack of photos and slamming them on the table. He furrowed his brows as he stared at the other dozen people present. A male skunk in priest garb blinked as he looked through the pictures. Known as Alex Law, he knew several of the people in the pictures... a team-up between them spelled ragnarok. He, along with the few older members of this council, were the only ones who would understand the enormity of the situation.
"Who is, Genesis?" One voice piped up, belonging to a red and black wolf girl. She tilted her head to the side as Genesis glanced at her.
". . .He's called Vein, Poinsettia." Genesis replied, a few gasps from older members following his statement. "Approximately five minutes ago, an alarm near building 20.1.2. show this..." He points to a television screen showing the intruders on video. In it, several figures are seen, a black hooded one in front. Genesis' finger m
:iconphirania:Phirania 0 0
Come on, take a look!


Black Superheroes of the Marvel Universe by LucianoVecchio Black Superheroes of the Marvel Universe :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 967 93
Character Creation Form-Blank
Character Creation Form
This is to create a character from how they would be at the very start of your first chapter, or just to flesh out information on a character you already have. The parts in italics is just there to help you out, so feel free to take the italic text out when you are filling this out.
Character Name:
Name Meaning:
Reason for Nickname:
How old are they? Early teens/late 30's will work if you do not know exactly
Are they a student? A farm worker? A candle maker?
Social Status:
Are they rich? Poor? Normal(middle) class?
Body Build:
Are they thin? Fit? Built like a dancer? A body builder?
Physical Description:
Are they pale? Dark? Do they have scars? A big nose? Large feet? Pointed ears? What color is their hair? How long is it? What style is it cut?
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 336 27
My hero Academia: Kirishima by YumYumCorn My hero Academia: Kirishima :iconyumyumcorn:YumYumCorn 142 3 Kirishima Eijirou - Boku no Hero Academia |Fan art by rose-92 Kirishima Eijirou - Boku no Hero Academia |Fan art :iconrose-92:rose-92 123 3 AAND THE WINNER IIIIIS by SimonLovesConor AAND THE WINNER IIIIIS :iconsimonlovesconor:SimonLovesConor 92 27 Kirishima by Siplick Kirishima :iconsiplick:Siplick 212 5 Steven Universe by oNichaN-xD Steven Universe :icononichan-xd:oNichaN-xD 11,684 1,231 Daredevil Redux by LostonWallace Daredevil Redux :iconlostonwallace:LostonWallace 205 42 Daredevil Cover by LeonardoEnrique Daredevil Cover :iconleonardoenrique:LeonardoEnrique 155 5 Daredevil by RaffoRamat Daredevil :iconrafforamat:RaffoRamat 199 7 Daredevil by Brianskipper Daredevil :iconbrianskipper:Brianskipper 183 2 Daredevil | Marvel by DivineImmortality Daredevil | Marvel :icondivineimmortality:DivineImmortality 460 18 DAREDEVIL by jackegiacomo DAREDEVIL :iconjackegiacomo:jackegiacomo 1,176 110 Daredevil by DAVID-OCAMPO Daredevil :icondavid-ocampo:DAVID-OCAMPO 147 10 Daredevil by p1xer Daredevil :iconp1xer:p1xer 340 12 Daredevil by Cinar Daredevil :iconcinar:Cinar 1,057 55
I'll be posting X parts 1 and 2 very soon, so let me know what you think there! The conclusion of the story leaves the universe a much darker place, where our heroes may not be quite the heroes they used to be...



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