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OALL Rewrite Ch12
It was late that night when Max finally broke the silence that had fallen over the group since he had picked up Gwen several hours ago. The man had been stewing the whole drive, thinking of ways he could possibly change Kevin's mind and prevent the raven from hurting both himself, and his grandson, but nothing was coming to mind. Eventually he came to the conclusion that a road trip was a terrible idea, and sighed heavily, deciding he should cancel the trip.
"Hey, kids?" he asked, earning the attention of all three teenagers "I was thinking, how about camping instead?" he suggested hopefully "I forgot I have a few things I need to do back at Plumbers HQ, so maybe a camping trip would be easier?"
He hated lying to them, but what other choice did he have? There was three murmurs of agreement, and he sighed softly and pulled the RV off the main road and onto a path, glad they had answered so quickly. The path lead them through the woods, twisting and turning until they came to a clearing
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
God I Want To Let It Go.. by PhineasFlynns God I Want To Let It Go.. :iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 4 3
OALL- Rewrite Ch11
As the days passed Gwen's visited decreased in frequency, and Sandra kept a constant steady eye on Kevin. It had been a month since the ruffian had first found out he way dying when Grandpa Max finally visited. The doorbell rang and Ben hopped up to get it, walking over and pulling open the door, a huge smile gracing his lips
"Grandpa!" he exclaimed, lurching forward and throwing his arms around the older man
"Hi, Ben" he greeted warmly, returning the gesture "How's Kevin?"
"Peachy" the raven replied, walking over and chuckling softly "I knew I heard the Rust Bucket"
Max chuckled and embraced the ruffian
"Good to see you're holding up, son" he smiled "So, who want's to come with me on a road trip?"
The true reason for this expedition was he wanted to keep an eye on Kevin until he could get ahold of his wife, Verdona. If anyone could help, it was her. However, contacting her was proving very difficult, even with the help of his grand daughter, and he hardly had any time to visit the boy
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
Mature content
OALL- Rewrite Ch10 :iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch9
Kevin woke before Ben the following morning and quickly left, making his way down the stairs and heading straight for the kitchen. His eyes widened when he spotted Sandra asleep across the counter, seated on a stool. He walked over, placing his hand gently on her shoulder, and she jerked up in alarm with a startled cry.
"Calm down, mom" he murmured "It's just me"
She realzed instantly and slumped back onto the counter with a heavy sigh.
"Good morning" she breathed tiredly
"What are you doing up?" he asked, making his way to the coffee maker and grabbing a mug, filling it with coffee and bringing it over to the tired woman. She smiled in thanks, taking it and sipping it slowly. "Is everything okay?"
"Couldn't sleep" she sighed "I was worrying" before he could scold her she turned to face him, worry clear in her tone "Kevin, there was blood in the sink"
He looked away
"I know" he heaved a sigh "I feel fine today, though" he took a seat beside her and sighed once more, leaning against the
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch8
Days flew by, and Sandra and Carl were still completely clueless on how to react to their sons lovers impending death. Like it was for the group of friends, it had quickly become an unwelcome date looming over their heads. They had gone through a brief fit of denial -Sandra especially- but were working their way toward acceptance. Carl was the first to accept it. His wife, however, wasn't as willing to accept the truth.
The blonde woman in question sighed heavily as she pulled herself out of bed, making her way toward the door and slipping out silently, door closing with a soft click behind her. She made her way downstairs, heading for the kitchen and jumping, hand flying to her chest when she spotted a figure in the dimly lit room. She quickly relaxed, however, upon recognizing it as Kevin.
"Kevin" she stated, walking towards him slowly and reaching out her hand "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" her hand met his shoulder and she yanked it back at the burning heat it presented her, green ey
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch7
Days passed by quickly, and the trio did the best they could to pretend that everything was fine, and nothing had changed. After leaving the beach the following day Gwen promised to visit frequently, and true to her word she stopped by every day, even if it was only to check in and see how Kevin was. And Ben? Well, Ben never left Kevin's side; knowing he was going to lose him made being away from him incredibly painful, and the brunette wanted to see as much of that beautiful face as he could before he lost him forever.
They stayed at Kevin's for several days, and whenever Sandra requested that Ben come home, he brought Kevin with him.
Currently, Kevin was asleep in Bens bed while Ben pulled on a pair of boxers, grabbing Kevin's black t-shirt and yanking it on before making his way out the door. He gently closed it behind himself before making his way down the stairs and to the kitchen. His eyes widened when he spotted his mother in the kitchen, confusion the first thing to register in
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch6
The night found two of the three teenagers lying in the sand, staring up at the stars in an easy silence. Ben climed out of the water, shaking crystalline droplets out of his soaked hair, slowly approaching his boyfriend with a wide smile, holding out a hand.
"Come swim with me?" he asked
Kevin reached up and took the offered hand, allowing Ben to pull him up and out of the cooling sand. The brunette turned to walk away but Kevin pulled him back, sending the smaller teen crashing into his chest.
"Kevin?" he asked softly, concern entering his tone
Kevin hushed him gently, wrapping his arms around him and resting his cheek atop the other boys head
"Just let me hold you" he murmured "Just for a minute"
"Okay" he whispered, relaxing into the ravens hold as his own arms wrapped around the other man.
When they finally moved away from each other Kevin led Ben slowly to the water, taking his hand as they waded in, Gwen watching fondly from the beach. Kevin hissed slightly at the temperature of
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch5
Kevin held the sobbing brunette close to himself, wishing with every fibre of his being that he was healthy, and wasn't going to leave him. He never wanted to be apart from the brunette in his arms. They had been apart once before, and it was a dark and painful time for both of them, and neither wished to go through it again. But it was unavoidable this time, and it hurt Kevin indescribably to know he would cause Ben that much pain, and be unable to heal it.
"I love you" He murmured over and over again, each time recieving a mumbled response of the same from the brunette as he shook in Kevin's arms
The raven looked up to the sky for a moment, a soft sigh escaping him before he looked back down to Ben. He closed his eyes for a brief moment before leaning forward to whisper in his ear
"Would you like to dance?"
Ben moved away, blinking at the teen in front of him as Kevin's hands lifted to wipe away his tears
"Dance with me?" he said again
Ben blinked once more before a small smil
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch4
Motorcycles. Thats what they were talking about. There in Kevin's garage were three stunning motorcycles; one for each of them. Gwen's jaw dropped in shock, and she turned to face Kevin and Ben where they stood a few feet away, smiling proudly at the bikes, Kevins arms around the brunette.
"When did you get these!? Where did you get these!?" she cried
"We made them" Kevin replied "Together. A few months back"
"Wha- How-" she broke off, staring silently for a moment before letting out a squeal "That's so cute!"
Ben blushed, looking away to hide his embarassment, and Kevin chuckled, releasing Ben and stepping towards the bikes, stopping beside the red motorcycle and patting the seat fondly, offering Gwen a smile
"This one is yours" he grabbed the red helmet off the back of the seat and tossed it to her, and her ands flew up to catch it, clutching it to her chest and staring nervously at the bike. "Suit up. Jacket is in the closet"
Kevin walked over and smiled down at Ben, pressing a gent
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch3
Hours passed quickly for the duo, and Kevin had slowly but surely drifted to sleep. Ben was staring at the ceiling in silence, head on Kevin's chest as he gently ran his hand up and down the ravens abdomen, partly for comfort and partially to reassure himself that Kevin was still there and still warm. He pressed his ear against Kevin's chest, toxic green eyes fluttering shut as he listened to Kevin's steady heartbeat.
He was completely silent, the only sounds he was making were his soft breaths as he listened, strong heartbeat and steady breaths reassuring and relaxing the stressed brunette. He hoped against hope that whomever has told Kevin he was dying was wrong; he didn't know if he could survive without the ruffian. Kevin seemed crucial to his existence- he'd always been there, no matter what. To lose him right now... That would be losing part of himself.
A lone tear streaked down his cheek, and he inhaled gently, striving to calm himself down so he didn't wake the ruffian, breaths
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch2
When Ben woke up the next morning, he was surprisingly warm. It took him a few minutes to realize he was under blankets and in Kevin's bed. His hands fisted into the blanket and he pulled it up, nestling into the warmth the fabric provided. A moment later, his thoughts caught up to him and he lurched upwards, moving to climb out of bed.
"Where are you going?" Kevin asked, entering the room and gaining Ben's immediate attention
His gaze flicked to the black blanket, then to the green pillows, then back to Kevin, whom was silently standing in the doorway, unsure how to proceed.
"Oh" left Ben's lips as he settled back onto the bed, opening his arms for the ruffian
Kevin stepped forward slowly, kneeling on the bed and crawling over to the brunette. He lifted a hand a cupped his cheek, rubbing his thumb gently over the smooth skin.
"How did you sleep?" he asked, voice barely a whisper
"I slept fine" Ben responded, leaning into the touch and offering an affectionate smile "You?"
Kevin smiled
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0
OALL- Rewrite Ch1
Everything in the parking-lot was deadly silent. So quiet -so agonizingly quiet- that you could hear a pin drop. In the nearly empty parking-lot of a Mr. Smoothie stood Benjamin Tennyson -clad in his usual green jacket, black shirt, and blue jeans- and Kevin Levin -also in his usual attire, which consisted of a long sleeve grey shirt, a black t-shirt, and dark blue jeans. The shorter brunette took a shaky step backwards, stumbling slightly, gaze focused on the raven. His eyebrows furrowed as he struggled to comprehend what he had just heard, head tilting slightly to the side. As the ruffians words began to sink in, he spoke
"Wh-What?" he finally squeaked out, and he hated how weak his voice sounded
The confusion was obvious in his tone, and Kevin had to admit he had expected it. Barely ten minutes ago he had driven up to the Mr. Smoothie upon seeing his boyfriend, the bewildered brunette before him, sitting outside the smoothie establishment. The raven had parked his car and sat for a
:iconphineasflynns:PhineasFlynns 3 0


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Hello... It's meeeeee
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You must answer ALL questions!Got tagged by :iconPhineasFlynns: Huzzay! (I promised to do this one on Feb 14... Oops ^^;)
The Basics
01. Full name: Natasja De Wit
02. Age: 25
03. Birth Date: October 30, 1991
04. Birth Place: Lommel, Belgium
05. Gender: Female (last time i checked i was)
06. Occupation: A small grocery store near my dad's place
07. Primary School: The local primary school in Hulst-Tessenderlo (we only had one, so...)
08. High School: THHI Tessenderlo
09. College/University: I went to the KHLIM (Catholic College in Limburg) in Hasselt, but never got graduated :meh:
10. Eye Color: Blue
11. Hair Color: Blonde (Yes, I have more fun, deal with it)
12. Currently Living: In Heusden-Zolder, Belgium together with my boyfriend, Marlon
Your favorite...
:iconcutietasja:CutieTasja 2 3
Bumpy camper sketches part two by CutieTasja Bumpy camper sketches part two :iconcutietasja:CutieTasja 13 1 Some sketches by CutieTasja Some sketches :iconcutietasja:CutieTasja 5 0 =Doof 'n Puss= by kiki-kit =Doof 'n Puss= :iconkiki-kit:kiki-kit 749 36
Missing Him
Missing Him
That is all he hears when he looks to the dirt track. Seeing only the empty track brings tears to his blue eyes, eyes that are so much like his late mentor’s. He closes them as he begins to cry to himself.
It seemed like the older racer just disappeared from his life. There one day, gone the next. Seeing his friends looking at him with sad looks on their own faces, no sign of the older racer in his clinic or on the dirt track, it is all too much.
Hearing his voice seemed to push him to his limits and to give his best. The older racer had always been there when he needed help on something or just in general. It is like he was his father figure. There had been that connection between them both, and it hurt not having that feeling anymore.
He opens his eyes and peers out at the track again, listening for any sign of the older racer’s engine. But there is only silence. No sound reaches him. He looks down at the ground, saddened by the lack of that
:iconzaftprime:ZAFTPrime 5 3
Returning Home
Returning Home
That is what he feels when he sees the older before him. It seems like it is a dream, but he can’t be sure if it is real or fake.
He wants it to be real, but he feels as if it is only a dream.
Seeing the older racer before him makes him feel odd. Isn’t he supposed to be dead?! If so, then why is he there, before him?
He hopes that someone will come up and clarify what is going on, but no one does. He is only confused and…hurt…
He is hurt that the older, while he is still alive, left him when he had been in need of him the most. He is hurt that the older racer hadn’t been there during the World Grand Prix races, when he had been in need of his advice more than ever. Maybe then, he wouldn’t have had that fight with his best friend and gotten mixed up in the spy trades. Maybe the older could have even helped him out instead of hiding away.
He tries to look away from the midnight blue racer, but he can’t. The dark
:iconzaftprime:ZAFTPrime 9 3
The birthday surprise
The Great Birthday Surprise
It was a beautiful day in the quiet little town of Radiator Springs. The townspeople were slowly rising from their sleep, when the sound of reveille filled the air. Everyone in town knew Sarge was raising the flag. Before he was done Fillmore the local hippie blasted his morning Hendrix tune drowning out Sarges attempt at his morning patriotism.
     It was the same thing every morning Doc Hudson thought as he aroused from his slumber with a chuckle. Clearing the sleep from his blue eyes he went into the clinic to open the shades letting the sunlight into the rooms. Looking through one of the windows in front of him he sighed. The loneliness setting in to remind him of what day it was. Today was his fifty-seventh birthday and celebrating it just didn’t seem right to him. From the day he moved here right after his horrible wreck; his existence here was quiet and lonely. Doc was never very social with the rest of the citizens. He
:iconrebelmechanic:rebelmechanic 29 6
'Goodbye Ferb' by TurningTides 'Goodbye Ferb' :iconturningtides:TurningTides 268 43 Whatever Comes (Collab!) by SilenceArtist Whatever Comes (Collab!) :iconsilenceartist:SilenceArtist 287 33 Kiss me by CutieTasja Kiss me :iconcutietasja:CutieTasja 39 3


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Um I tagged myself??? It's been like a year soooo

The Basics

01. Full name: [Lana voice] nuuupe
02. Age: 21
03. Birth Date: August 9, 1995
04. Birth Place: Newmarket, Canada
05. Gender: Female?????? I guess??????
06. Occupation: I work at the dollar store downtown and hate my job with a passion
07. Primary School: Arthur Public School, and Victoria Cross Public School
08. High School: Wellington Heights
09. College/University: Seneca but I dropped out because anxiety and also cuz I suck
10. Eye Color: Blue
11. Hair Color: Naturally brown but I dyed it like a pinkish/purplish/red and now it's fading and turning an ugly orange and I'm mad as shit
12. Currently Living: Ontario, Canada

Your favorite...

13. Food: tbh it's probably chocolate I love chocolate I can't resist chocolate it's always there for me and that's why I'm overweight
14. Drink: Milk
15. Band/Singer: Nickelback
16. Song: Uhhhhh currently either Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran, 24k Magic - Bruno Mars, or Unhealthy Obsession (and I can't remember who it's by), or A Sadness Runs Through Him - The Hoosiers
17. Movie: Moana (if you haven't seen it you suck and I demand you go watch it)
18. TV Show: Does anime count because if so then Attack on Titan. If anime doesn't count then it's probably still Archer (if I tried to write down my actual favourite Disney shows we'd be here for days)
19. Book: Between Us; Rings by Warmal16 uM I DONT KNOW HOW TO TAG PEOPLE ANYMORE ITS BEEN TOO LONG but this story is fucking me up and you know what I don't care if it's not a "book" I enjoy it more than other books fight me
20. Color: Blue

Do you prefer...

21. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
22. Anime or Disney? Disney
23. Guys or Girls? Both
24. Lips or Eyes? Eyes
25. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs because I'm an awkward loser and when people try to kiss me I panic hA
26. Eating or Drinking? Eating omnomnom
27. Novels or Comics? Usually novels tbh
28. Summer or Winter? Winter because it's easier to warm up than it is to cool down. That being said I still bitch 24/7 that I wish it wasn't winter and it was summer. And once it is I bitch that I wish it was winter and not summer. TIS NEVER ENDING
29. Outdoors or Indoors? Indoors. Fuck bugs.
30. Camera or Cellphone? Cellphone
31. PS3 or Xbox 360?  Xbox 360
32. TV or Computer? Computer

Something personal...

33. Why did you choose your username? It was a typo cuz I'm a dummy lmao
34. What is your favorite piece of your own work? I don't really have one tbh
35. What is your most popular Deviation?  
36. Look to your left: Emily, aggressively trying to sleep
37. Now to your right: The urn with my dogs ashes in it
38. Something you can't live without: Music

The last...

39. Person you saw: Technically Emily
40. Person you hugged: My mom
41. Movie you watched: Nerve. It was actually pretty good tbh
42. Song you listened to: Unhealthy Obsession
43. Book you read: Between Us Rings (I fell behind and just spent 4 hours catching up I'm burning)
44. Thing you ate/drank: turkey bacon and a hash brown
45. Time you cried and why: Yesterday, because I miss my dog more than I can stand
46. Time you laughed and why: When I was talking to my mom earlier and we were laughing about how before Missy died if she wanted to wake me up she'd come stand overtop of me and sneeze on my face. Like a true lady.
47. Time you went out: Last Thursday, to get Emily's moms & Emily's eyes checked and so they could order new glasses

The first...

48. Person you dated: Tony
49. Person you kissed: Tony
50. Crush you had: Gavin, I think
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: Missy
52. Best friend you ever had: Taylor
53. School you went to: Arthur Public
54. Big holiday you went on: Disney World in Orlando, Florida
55. Award you got: None because I couldn't be fucked to try to get one eyyyyyyy

Have you ever...

56. Broken the law: Yes
57. Been arrested: No
58. Had a hangover: Nope
59. Been in hospital: Nope
60. Been in a car crash: Yes
61. Flown on a plane: Yes
62. Been on a boat: Yes
63. Travelled overseas: Yes
64. Had sex: No
65. Gotten pregnant: No
66. Had an abortion: No
67. Been to a concert: Yes
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: Yes
69. Skipped school/work: Yes to both heh heh heh I'm irresponsible
70. Broken a bone: No, thank fuck.

Deviant time...

71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art? :iconcutietasja:, always and forever ❤❤❤❤❤
72. What is your favorite Deviation by them? I honestly can never seem to pick, which I guess is good since I'm using the app to post this journal and have no fucking idea how to post the pictures in this journal
73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most? Uhhhhh
74. What is their greatest work? Uhhhhhh
75. Any favorite Deviant Art groups in mind? Tbqfh, anything Phineas and Ferb based. Like legit it could just be a group focused on closeup shots of their eyes and I'd be like "hoo boy sign me the fuck up that is some good shit right there"
76. What is your favorite artwork by the Founder of the group? I'unno
77. The Co-Founder(s)? Brah
78. How about the Contributors? Bronk
79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art? Uhhhhhhh I have no idea but they're probably rad eyyyy
80. What is your favorite artwork by them? All
81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? No
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? No
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: *gently weeps* I don't know how
84. Show us your most recent submission: *loud sweating at the various buttons on my screen* uhhh

More personal stuff...

85. Religion: basically an atheist, y'all can believe what you want and it doesn't upset me, please don't try to fight with me about it
86. Social class: I'd say lower-middle-class? We ain't flat broke but we certainly don't have a lot of money to spare. I considered us middle class originally but apparently that's what Emily is and since her mom has money to waste on Emily's frivolous desires of the day basically every day there's no fucking way that I'm in the same social group as her  
87. Ethnicity: French, Irish, English
88. Languages spoken: English, and a little bit of French. (Also I can sing anime openings I'm a nerd fight me)
89. A scar you have: On my knee cause I fell on pavement and gouged a huge chunk out of it or on my elbow because my front door cut me. Like a bitch.
90. Preferred medium: Its a mixed bag. I like pencil, but I also love digital coloring. Really depends on the picture. some look better as sketches, where as some I absolutely have to color or I'm not happy with it

Totally random...

91. Where is your dream holiday location? I really wanna go to Belgium (you all know why xD) and Hawaii, and France
92. What are you wearing right now? An Attack On Titan shirt and Jack Skellington boxers
93. What is the last thing you bought? Euhm.... two Stitch sweaters
94. When did you join Deviant Art? August 4 2010
95. WHY did you join? I was lurking and saw a bunch of A+ art so I signed up so I could aggressively hoard it in my favourites
96. What type of membership do you have? A regular one
97. Are you playing The Game? Fuck
98. Are you a member of any other websites? Tumblr, Fanfiction, Youtube, AO3
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones? When I'm bored, sure why not
100. You're DONE! Now, tag 5 friends  pssssssssst :iconcutietasja:

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Happy birthday! :D
PhineasFlynns Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Student General Artist
oh, thank you!!! :D
jedipat Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
Hey, do you do requests?
PhineasFlynns Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Student General Artist
Sometimes. Depends on what it is. did you have something in mind?
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