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Lucky Chilli

By phillymont
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I don't approve of the anime adaptation of Death Note replacing Mello's crucifix with some red stick charm. It just downplays Mello's complete Gothic look.
My apologies for my laziness in making this. I'm sure it would have turned out better if I'd taken my time with it. I just rushed through it, but I guess it's okay.
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freespirit300Student Traditional Artist
Haha lucky chili!! Lol
sujuaddict777's avatar
hahahaha how cute!
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I don't get it, can someone please explain?
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StrawberryMelon94Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohhhhhh nvm i just realized sumthin 0.0
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StrawberryMelon94Hobbyist Digital Artist
*SPOILER* i think mello leaves it and later ends up dying so its not funny then
get it now? :-)
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Kca189 Writer
in the anime Mello wears a charm on his necklace that looks like a chili pepper, but in the manga he wears a cross charm on his necklace. xD Lol, the joke is matt doesn't know what else to call it but a chili pepper. xDD rofl.
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gaamatsugirl565Hobbyist Digital Artist
Director: CUT! :ohmygod:
Mello:i'm sorry can we-ppphhhh- try that again?
Matt: :rofl:
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LUMIY4Hobbyist General Artist
This is great.
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hahahahhahahahha I want lucky chili xD
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LHMmixer114252Student General Artist
funny so far, but whats with the chili. hehehehehe it is time to undo that chili bit. just kidding. I loved the bit. good job.
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This is so weird for me to say, but you PWN at drawing laughing people...! It looks REALLY good...!
I laughed so f'ing bad....! Omfgosh. xD I absolutely love this pic. It made my day.
phillymont's avatar
awh, thanks you! you're the best : >
Nico-Eez-Awesome's avatar
Lol, you're welcome. :D Well, you're the best at drawing. ;)
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no...he can't. and he can eat it if he gets hungry...XDmmm lucky chili
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xLiSteNxxStudent Traditional Artist
Me- *Reads* *Starts laughing like a complete idiot*
Brother- Whats so funny?!
Me- AH! Lucky chili...
Brother-.... >.> Idiot.
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KeiraA333 General Artist
Having a lucky red chili could mean he's gay too. (Reference from the movie La cage a fou {sp?!?!?} ~The birdcage)
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lucky chili... pfftpftfpf

/laughs so hard/
/mom walks in/
M-What are you doing this late at night?!
Me-I had a funny dream.
M-Whatever. Go to bed.

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This is so damn funny XD I'm giggling out loud like a moron right now. Love it! ...By the way, I love your drawing style. <3
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You made them laugh.

You made it look natural.

You are amazing. :worship:
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Yui-AmoshiStudent Digital Artist
Lmfao xDDD
I LOVE The Last Pannel , . . Lucky Chilli . Baha xDD
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iAmMasterShinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mwahahah lucky chili... i don't know matt can think about that!
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MsMojorisinHobbyist Writer
I never noticed they did that! What a crock! Hehe, it does kinda look like some sort of gothic pepper. XD
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