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Billy, The Mad King

A Crossover between Adventure Time & Game of Thrones!

I see Billy as the mad king because, The Lich takes over Billy and essentially makes him "Mad" and Finn & Jake are loyal to Billy no matter what, hence them being the Kings Guard! The King always has spies, and this time the spy is the snail, and his snail trail makes the mad king's family Sigil! Also have a few Adventure time swords in the Iron throne!

I hope y'all like it and thanks! :D
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Not Today 

i love this pic 
Is this going to be sold anywhere else? I've been searching for it for a year
Do you know if this will be available again anywhere? I missed it and really want to get one for my boyfriend!
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i got this shirt on teefury, so excited to get it. i love the design so much
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Thanks so much for the buy! I got mine the other day too and it is lovely! I hope you're happy with yours! :D
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i am so happy!! it's my favourite tshirt now haha. I love it :) 
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"I know Peppermint Butler!"
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That Lich in the background... O.O
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Just amazing *o*
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almost looks under uv.
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Wait--if the Lich is the Mad King...and Finn tries to kill the Lich...and Finn is "blonde of hair"...does that make Finn Jaime?

Kickass design, regardless.
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Holy fucking SHIEET!! Two best things in the universe combined!!
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This looks really cool, awesome job =)
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Jesus the coloring on this is just so cool
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