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Do you want to be in my next painting? I have organised a seven-day art event and you can be involved!

Just follow the link to find out more. The event kicks off on the 5th November, so be quick!!events…

You will be able to follow the whole event, see pictures of works in progress and possibly even some videos here:…

Get involved people!
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So I finally have a Facebook page for my work. Hurray!

Why not check it out? And if you're the kindest & bestest people on the internet, (which I know you are), give it a Like!

I posted recently about my new Tumblr page, I know many of you may not be on TUmblr. So this here is a great way to follow my work. All my posts on other sites are automatically posted on my Facebook page so you'll never miss out again.…
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Hi guys,

you should check out my friend AstronautHead. She's got some beautiful artwork for you to feast your eyes upon.…

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so I haven't got around to uploading any of my new work to DA for a while now. But if any of you would like to see what I've been up to for the past few months, check out my new blog!

There's already eight brand new pieces up there! And many more to come so stay tuned,

Tumblr users: Why not follow me? Then you can see all the new things that I get up to!

Over and out

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Evening all.

So I haven't been on DA much recently but I'm still getting so many nice comments and things. Thank you to everybody who has bought prints, it means a lot to me that you like my work that much. And thank you to everybody for all your lovely comments and such.

If you would like to see some more recent work that I haven't put on DA just yet, why not check out my Tumblr? Just click right here:

Bye now.
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Just wanted to say thank you to everybody for your kind birthday wishes. Your a good bunch!
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

I've opened up shop!!!

I've been receiving an increasing number of requests to make my work available to buy, so here they are:…

Thanks to everybody who asked/bullied me to get this sorted, you're a bunch of real charmers :)
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Good Evening! I have compiled a list of the best art books that I have read over the past two months, along with a little description.
These are great books, with a lot to offer on different subjects. TO check them out head over to my blog:…

All the best,

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Well, imagine my surprise when I signed in and saw over 4000 messages in my inbox!! At first I thought I must have been spammed.

Despite being sat on my own whilst I read through all the very nice messages that everbody had left, I felt a bit embarrassed. A massive thanks to everybody for your generous comments, favs and llama badges. You're all marvelous.

P.S I will be making the piece available for prints soon.

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I'm a Superllama...or I have a Superllama, I don't fully understand it if I'm honest.

But much big heap thanks to everybody who gave me a little llama badge! I like badges...and Llamas, I saw some at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday (the squirrel Monkeys were my favourite).

More art and updates are now available on my new blog!

Just click this link right here

That's it, just up there. Push it! you know you want to :)
I done a blog! It's still in it's infancy but check it out!

Any feedback is much appreciated.

I did post this earlier but it seems to have disappeared...

So have a peek, a keek, or a gander!

Thank you.
I done a blog! It's still in it's infancy but check it out!

Any feedback is much appreciated.

I did post this earlier but it seems to have disappeared...

So have a peek, a keek, or a gander!

Thank you.
Please check out my brand new shiny website:

Please let me know what you think or if you have any problems at all.

Thank you!

p.s. I apologise to those people i have already pestered to visit it :)

My last post was asking for suggestions for names cos i wanted a funky pseudonym. Well after a good  month or so of trying to think of one, i have.

You can now call me: Pint-Sized Panda!

Please nobody tell me they don't like it because i am happy with it. It's creates a nice image it's alliterative and it has a nice cadence.

ALSO! Check out my website at: or, it's up to you. It is only a under construction page at the mo but what an under construction page it is!

Anyway i was terribly excited when it first appeared on the internet, my voice went high, i was jigging my legs, ah it was good.

Hope you are all well, please tell me what you think of my webpage and my new alias.

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I'm about to set up a website and do some major promotion, but i don't really want to work under my own name, 'cause it's not very memorable or catchy.

So this is your chance to brand me with a funky pseudonym, I would appreciate any help at all; suggestions, links, anything.

Here are some that i like just to help:

Mr Jago (though that is actually his name)
Mr Scruff

Thank you

I got an email from an agency called Bright, they seem pretty cool and despite giving the usual talk of being different form other agencies they do seem to be so.

Anyway i was just wanting to find out about them. If anybody at all knows anything about them or their academy could you please let me know. It will be much appreciated.

For those of you just scanning this, here is a quick version:


Thank you!
It's true, i've been scribbling away. It's mostly robots but i like them, just a shame that i've started doing work i like after i finish my degree. Nuts.

So anyway seeing as i now have some new stuff i thought i share it with lots of arty type strangers.

Oh, and HELLO! :)
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I have been away from deviant for a long long time and consequently have missed a lot of stuff.

Thank you to everybody who added me, favourited any of my work or left nice comments. Much appreciated. I will be trying to work my way through all the work ive missed thought it may take some time as there are 582 deviations for me to look at...:(

So anyway, this was just to say: hello, sorry and thank you.