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Quiet stamp
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Published: January 28, 2008
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Yes. Mind to start a conversation?
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LeaderWhiteFangHobbyist General Artist
I am the same way.
I don't like to talk much. 
And usually the person has to start the conversation first for me to even talk :/ 
Grace-Zed's avatar
Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist
I am a very quiet person. :ninja:
Rorrx's avatar
RorrxHobbyist General Artist
me. at school.
RosalinaVmbraticus's avatar
RosalinaVmbraticusStudent Photographer
Thank you for the favorite
BloodyMythNemesis's avatar
same with me  i don't talk much at all 
Jaasp's avatar
JaaspStudent Digital Artist
On the internet i can be okay, and start a conversation.
in real life I'm almost not there.
aNIGHTLYpony's avatar
aNIGHTLYponyStudent General Artist
yep, speaking is silver silence is gold
iVickery's avatar
iVickeryHobbyist Digital Artist
I have something to say about this :D
I recently moved to a new school and in my class there happens to be only 6 girls all together, so we're always like you know, in a group and sitting together. I haven't said a word, i want to talk but i really have nothing to say! I feel really bad honestly.. They think I'm boring/snobbish and i don't get it because when there is nothing to say i just don't talk.. x_x 
I really wouldn't have anything to say about random chit-chatting... i prefer deeper talks and more important subjects like art music and such.. But of course nobody knows how to talk about that, eh.. Plus i don't like just sitting there and talking... I would rather just go to hell... I would've liked it more if they'd do something a bit crazier!
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X3 It shows in your comment.
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iVickeryHobbyist Digital Artist
 Hahaha I tend to talk more online tho, :XD:
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BobtheLurkerHobbyist General Artist
I'm always startling and crashing into people because I'm so quiet they can't here me. I could be a ninja!
FloralFruit's avatar
FloralFruitHobbyist Writer
Sometimes people forget I'm there because of this. They'll be sitting near me and they won't notice until I say something or move. It's kept me out of a lot of trouble.
Phillus's avatar
That's pretty good.
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SayonHobbyist Digital Artist
When random people on the street start talking to me, I pretend to be mute. Works like magic. I definitely recommend it for getting rid of unnecessary talk :thumbsup:
Phillus's avatar
I once met a strange guy who can't stop talking even though we tried to ignore him...and apparently he did the same thing to another group once he's done with us.
Sayon's avatar
SayonHobbyist Digital Artist
Did he have something to say? Or was it just fishing for attention?
Phillus's avatar
Just boasting that "you can see the world in this island alone." But it's annoying especially you were resting under the hot sun.
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SayonHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, well... People who have nothing to say make sure to be the loudest. Not okay :icongrumpy-cat-plz:
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DinoLover09Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a super quiet guy myself.
roselita8's avatar
So true xD I never speak to people I don't know, and if I do I really like them :D
subordinata's avatar
I'm like this and people at school think I'm emo...... GAH. BE SMART!
subordinata's avatar
It is really annoying. They're always saying, "<my name>, quit being emo!"
or, "Why are you so quiet!?"

Why do you think? Why am I being quiet?


I talk only when necessary!

Also, do you see ANY cuts or scars on my body? No? Okay, then leave me alone.
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