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Zerg Encroacher

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Here's a Zerg concept inspired from a leech design. Keep in mind these unit concepts are more for my portfolio, so don't take them too seriously. I thought a good role for this unit would be to damage enemy macro. It would be the fastest burrowing and tunneler unit of the Swarm (maybe also being able to tunnel up cliffs). With no cost of energy it would be able to suck out minerals from Nexi, Command Centers or Hatcheries, Layers, etc. and drain the enemies' mineral stockpile while you gain the same amount in return. At a cost of energy, it would also be able to shut down pylon power temporarily. Also having an energy ability to infest Terran barracks, and be able to create free infested terrans that spawn every few seconds from those barracks for a limited time. And lastly, it would be able to eat a single larva or egg at enemy Zerg bases for a cost of energy as well.
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That would honestly be a cool unit! I don't think any Starcraft unit functions like this!!!

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I am Encroacher. I will eat you.
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It gives an idea of a Cerabrit turning from building into unit so this thing should be a hero that would mysteriously adapt and become a Cerabrit*
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God... I would hire you for an RTS! XD
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MikekillkillHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, Phill, would you mind if I were to try and (re)create this lad ingame via the editor? (and possibly feature him in a mod? Credit and a link to this page will be given of course, for the design of the unit.)

Because he'd be interesting to see ingame. However I couldn't guarantee that the model would be exactly be like the one in the pic. (As i'd be forced to improvise.)
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shyhoStudent Traditional Artist
Love this idea for sur e<#
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maybe have it leave a slung be hide it as it moves that while doesn't do any damage will slow enemy and buildings down, in both movement and speed,

also I would remove the steal ability and replace it with something like the pillage ability some ork units have in war craft, have it be able to do a small amont of damage to enemy buildings whiled stealing away a little hp. and have this for any building not just the HQ's

and maybe take away its pylon shut down give it something like vampirism its targets a building and drain hp from that building and adds that HP to its own, so the enemy  have to kill it quickly before it becomes this nearly far more tanky

I would also replace the egg eat ability with eat worker,
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Would be annoying as heck, but sorta impractical. It'd require you to take out the entire base so that it can work in peace, but I guess it can burry
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Hmm.. I don't know about "no energy cost" when stealing minerals or vespene. Personally, I'd have it siphon vespene from a refinery, assimilator, or extractor while attached and "leeching" (5 gas per 2 seconds, possibly?), but losing its mobility while doing so. Likewise, it can steal minerals with a small power cost (10 minerals per 2 power?) so that it can only steal a limited amount of minerals, or else give it a limited capacity (100 units) to maintain game balance. With strong armor like an ultralisk and the ability to burrow (and can only steal vespene/minerals/psi when burrowed) but high cost (same price as an ultralisk, or even mutated from an ultralisk for 120 minerals and 30 vespene?), again for game balance.

Another nasty idea is to have it attach itself to a protoss pylon when burrowed and convert the psi the pylon would normally generate into control for zero cost.

When burrowed near a hatchery, it can devour one egg per 30 seconds or swallow larvae at a rate of one every 10 seconds, digesting them like the Kodo Beast from WC3. (Hmm, maybe it can eat other biological units too? Mwa ha ha!)
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This thing should also be a unique unit much like the mothership, only one allowed for a player, otherwise that'd be cheap.
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Warhammer44kStudent Artisan Crafter
*Has nightmares*
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titoniridionHobbyist Artist
you should work this, and other awesome ideas like this, in to a StarCraft mod, or arcade map. I would pay money for that.
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That would be awesome though I think being able to burrow up and down clifs should have been the norm regardless as there's nothing to really prevent them from doing so anyway.
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I want this guy in starcraft!
Now!!!:squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: 
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Warhammer44kStudent Artisan Crafter
*Makes on Cortex model and all* DER! XD
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I would totaly use this...
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turlogStudent Artist
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the steal minerals thing sound like the protoss's oracle that can syphon minerals until either the command,nexus,or hive is destory or its destroyed...still cool zerg concept :D
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The syphon ability was part of the Viper pre-beta, then went to the Corruptor during the beta, then went to the Oracle, until they finally scrapped it lol. I thought it was a neat idea, so I used it.
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This seems like a really good idea

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Yummie! Nice concept idea. And really detailed work.
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