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Protoss DT Hero and Dark High Templar

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Here's some Dark Templar concepts. As for the idea of the female Dark High Templar, I did it for fun, not sure how they would be significantly different from normal High Templar. I've never seen any female infantry for Protoss so I tried to figure out their anatomy, hopefully it looks obvious that she's female.

Someone over on SC's facebook (where this is also posted), said that High Templars are ones who embrace the Khala, while DT reject it. I admit I'm behind on my SC lore, but I like doing art that have twists on what's familiar. So I'd like to think DT figured out a way to harness similar High Templar powers through other means.
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I love the Dark (Nerazim) High Templar, really awesome art. I wish someone could make as model to be used in game. Really beautiful !!!
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You're right--the templars and high templars are part of the Khala, while the dark templars sever their connection to the khala deliberately so they can channel void energies instead.

The female DHT looks very similar to 'canon' protoss females; good job. (Check out the SC wiki and you'll see what I mean.) While no in-game reason why females don't fight has been given that I know of, I assume that female protoss are the healers, lorekeepers, and priestesses while the men are the rulers and warriors. There are female dark templars (such as Matriarch Raszagal and her daughter) in game, but no canon zealots or high templars as of yet. (I haven't played Lore of the Void, but I've been through the wiki reading up on protoss, since they're my fave of the three races.)

I get a kick out of the DT hero using a hydralisk skull as part of his vambrace. That's a really nice touch, in keeping with how the three protoss factions have been depicted so far. (That, and it reminds me of the Alien vs. Predator movies. Makes me want to try to sculpt a hydralisk skull trophy like Jimmy's got in the Hyperion's cantina!)
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I'd say Twillight Templar is more fitting for the DHT
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Yea, I like that actually.
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Ohhh my god, that female DT is so beautiful!
Do.. do you think I could (try to) cosplay her? Would that be ok?
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I'd like to see pics of it if you do! I'd love to cosplay a protoss myself, if I ever have enough time and money to put the outfit together!
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Dark templars actually can create a psionic storm. And even more devastating than Khala connected protoss. Thing is, without the connection to Khala(and thus to every other protoss) they can be overwhelmed by power and lose control. Thats why they were banished from Auir in the first place. Big chunk of protoss history was described in Dark Templars Saga. Awesome series.
60 shield/60 hp/150 energy
AA: 5+1 (against psionic 20+4)
Range 6
Attack speed 1
Movement speed 2.1
Gravity trap - Dark High Templar uses Void power, creating field that sucks in units. 100 energy, 9 range, 2 radius
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she culd have the ability to give a target ally stealth for a period of time at the cost of energy, this combined with the mothership whuld make the protos army realy all stealthed or you stealth your oracles and harras. the protoss culd use a healer unit, give her an aoe shield recharge blast that you use on your allies. i fell this unit is meant for drop harras and whuld work well with oracle, warp prism and dt while still having a role in bigger battles. this unit whuld be like a HT but instead of high damg aoe it has a shield refill aoe. instead of remove targets energy and deal damg to it she does give target unit stealth for a few seconds.
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Those are some good ideas actually!
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Could name the female dark high templar (ack a mouthful thar) Nerazim Mystic
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I'm writing a StarCraft fanfic if you're interested and have some time to spare.… 
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High templars themselves have not embraced the khala any more than a Zealot. It's just that their psionic powers are higher than that of your regular protoss. But it is true that the Dark templar are not part of the Khala as they are afraid of losing their identity in the process.


The Khala however does not provide with any special powers or so but rather allow the protoss to train their own powers much safer by providing with a "guiding light" so to speak.


Dark templrs should be able to harness the same powers as that of their light brethren but would have to do so without the guiding light of the Khala and so with much higher risk of accidents and so.

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Very informative! Thanks for this!
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I like how you draw the dark templarBig Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] Heart - Free Love Love Headbang! 
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the hydra head-shield is so badass @_@
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Dat hydralisk shield.... want so bad...
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Dude, you should make more concepts! They're interesting, well executed, and (I think) have a good chance of getting into the game.
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Thanks man, I have some more starcraft art coming down the line : )
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Female Templar... Great idea!
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First let me tell you that I like all your ideas and concepts for new SC units. You got some good imagination.

A dark version of the High Templar is a interesting idea and again I like your design of her. She reminds me of Rascagal. The Dark Templars needs a new matriarch.
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Also as some extra information Khalai (regular protoss) are the ones who are connected to the Khala. High Templars are Protoss with more signifigant Psionic prowess and in order to master it they give up all anger and immerse their minds into the Khala.

Dark Templars often believe that the Khala which connects the minds of all Protoss robs them of Individualism and so they cut themselves off from the Khala. often by cutting off their "hair" which is their connections. Dark Templars are often connected to the void and I'm thinking that Void Shaman would fit them more.
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