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Nintendo vs. Sega



WIP (coloring it too)!!! This is my updated version of Sega vs Nintendo, it has every character I would like to see make it into this fantasy Smash bros game.

Description below is for the one I replaced! I'll post it later in my scraps...

Wouldn't most Smash Bro. fans like to see this happen....

I'll list all the characters in this drawing eventually, some of the characters for Sega aren't familiar.

EDIT 09: Yea did this awhile back.... Heh I never did list all the Sega characters, huh, I don't want to dig up the names now...

This was also done WAAAY before Brawl came out, you can see I at least wanted to see Wario, Diddy, Olimar and Isaac as additional characters in another installment. At the time I didn't even imagine Olimar wielding Pikmin, before Brawl came out that idea floated around the forums and I was so happy to see him in Brawl with that design.
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Let's see... Fitting pairs

Mario - Sonic (Very obvious)
Luigi - Tails (Obvious too)
Yoshi - Knuckles (They live in an Island)
Peach - Amy ('Cuz... Girls?)
Bowser - Eggman (Bad guys)
Bowser Jr. - Metal Sonic (Main allies from bad guys and Jr. can become an Mario Doppleganger)
Wario - Shadow (Rivals from main heroes)
Waluigi - Silver (Nothing in common, except being just quite very loved by their fans)
Daisy - Cream (Secondary girls)
Geno - Blaze (Cool dudes)
Birdo - Rouge (The "Curious look" of the saga)
??? - Team Chaotix
Mallow - Ray (Cute bois)
Paper Mario - Classic Sonic (Another version of main characters)
Donkey Kong - Alex Kidd (Main character for the company before the main mascot)
Diddy - Stella (Main character Sidekick)
??? - Dixie
King K.Rool - ???
Link - NiGHTS (Second iconic saga in company)
Zelda/Sheik - ???
Young Link - ???
Toon Link - ???
Ganondorf - Wizeman (Cool bad guys)
??? - Reala
Samus - Vectorman ('Cuz... Their saga happen in the future or... Probably because they have blasters)
Ridley - ???
Kirby - Ristar (Cute and very powerfull dudes)
Bandana Dee - Planet Freon guy (Start like 'lil enemy but becomes a friend and helps in the Battle)
Meta Knigth - ???
Dedede - ???
Starfox saga - ???
Pikachu - AiAi (Cute animals, i guess?)
Other Pokémon characters - ???
Ness and Lucas- Toejam and Earl (Most know characters in their series)
Captain Falcon - ???
Fire Emblem saga - Panzer Dragon saga (I began to lost ideas.)
Ice Climbers - Gunstar Heroes (Both are a duo, they have boy and girl... (Well, in the sequel/remake of Gunstar happen that... But still))
??? - The House of the Death saga
Kid Icarus saga - Golden Axe saga (Very forgotten sagas)
Olimar - Ulala (Their sagas happens in the space, and... Well, i just lost the matches)
Chibi-Robo - Clockwork Knigth (The sagas who SEGA and Nintendo doesnt gives a s***)
Little Mac - Sketch Turner (Because they can figth?... Help me in this.)
??? - The Ooze
Inklings - Beat (Cool dudes who their game involve paint, in different ways.)
Duck Hunt Duo - Bug (Funny characters)

Panel de Pon saga - Columns saga ("Do you know what saga should SEGA/ Nintendo come back? Columns/Panel de Pon, of course!" Said no one.)

I'll bet this isnt the acurrate way, but the main point it's...

They are both good companies!