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Jedi Ariel

Here's the first one of my versions of the Disney Princess Jedi. Check out my other ones:




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Will there be the inverse? Star Wars characters in Disney settings?

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There's an idea!

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Count Dooku as an evil sorcerer king, and the like? A robed Kingdom Hearts Mickey lurking discreetly in the background of each picture?

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i didnñt realize until second viewing that ariel is a double ampute

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Just make famale kit fisto

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This is done so well! Excellent work

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just now i realize that she has prostetics
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I don't think you can hold a light sabre like that, actually...
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Yes you can. Ever seen Starkiller from The Force Unleashed?
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It's not really a practical sword style in general, but it looks cool. 
*Fanfiction Idea!!*

*Ariel stuck down another Underwater Stormtrooper*

"Lightside, Darkside. That dosen't mean nothing to me now. The empire took more than just my fins. Giving me cold, hard legs that keep me in constant agony. So I tried hating the empire, and this power inside me.... It drove me mad... insane... And before I knew it, it was I that struck my own father down as one of their inquisitors. In my father's eyes, I saw how far I had fallen, and begged forgiveness as he died."

*Ariel looks toward the ruined city of Atlantica.*

"My ruined body is my reward for my arrogance, the deal I made for human legs. Ursula tempted me, but I let go of my hate however I could not let go of the past.  One thing is for sure. Light side; not for me the Jedi won't take a broken soul like me. Dark Side; I've been there.  I have no place with the Jedi, but I will not give into hate again, and stain my hands with more disgrace, but one thing I will do. I will carve into the heart of their empire, like they cut into me for my unborn child, and I will unleash vengeance upon them. For my daughter, for my kingdom, for the memory of my father and husband.

The Sith, and Ursula, will fear the name Ariel."
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I'm not always sold on the jedi disney princess thing, but I love this one so much. Ariel isn't even my fav princess but the fact that you gave her prosthetic legs is such a nice touch
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The fish aliens will miss her tail... TT

Which leads to the question, since there are ocean worlds full of fish like aliens living 'unda da sea', what would Ariel as a still "swim capable" fish alien jedi be like? Be cool if she just trains on ocean worlds until she gets so good she can just "swim" in ANY environment!
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Check out my Jedi princesses out, can you draw Cinderella, Aurora, Pocahontas, Anna and Elsa one
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This looks amazing! Love the idea behind the legs, but it leaves me wondering where her tail is. Is that the thing that you can see between her legs which looks like a piece of fabric?
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Her tail was replaced by those mechanical legs. 
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So, she doesn't have biological legs or a tail? Man, Ursula really cheated her in this version.

What might be worse is if Ursala had Ariel cut off her real legs/tail

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I like how Flounder is the little droid hovering behind her. Does she get to decapitate Scuttle, recast as a monkey-lizard? XD Right in front of Ursula the Hutt. (Easiest fat joke in the history of fat jokes.)

Personally I would have changed her to be a Nautolan, to retain her aquatic nature but that's just me. Fantastic job.
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The cybernetic legs are absolutely ingenious!
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VERY cool design. There are so many original ideas here, all I can do is applaud. I wonder if F.L.N.D.R. still sounds like he does in the movie. A squeaky, cowardly, childish droid would be fun to be around. But I digress. Very well done!
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