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Hobbes and Bacon 3

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I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes since I was really young. I recently came across a spin off comic on facebook by the guys from… It's based on Calvin and Susie as adults, where they are married and they have a daughter named Bacon (As far as her name I though it was awkward at first, but someone pointed out she is really named "Francis" and "Bacon" is the cute nickname her parents have given her. This would fall in line with the philosophical names of (John) Calvin and (Thomas) Hobbes). Sadly they only made four strips , so I'd like to continue it. It really inspired me and I instantly thought of the potential and different directions it could go, while still being loyal to Bill Watterson's style. What I loved most about Watterson's work was it wasn't confined to the real world, it went into Calvin's imagination, which gave all sorts of different visuals that a lot of newspaper funnies missed out on.

I have over 10 other strip ideas with Hobbes and Bacon that I want to share.

I'm really on the fence about continuing this, I've been doing a lot of reading on Watterson recently. He's very protective of his work and has the attitude that his work should stop with his retirement. It really would be selfish of me to continue it. Gahh, maybe just a few more... > < I love Calvin and Hobbes so much.
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Wonderful true art.
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NeoMatrix000Hobbyist General Artist
Oh-nuuu, not the spaceship!
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DarkWithinLight2017Student Digital Artist
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Bacon's space design is adorable, and you really nailed the Spaceman Spiff style of strips.
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EclipseNightWingArtHobbyist General Artist
The revamped Spaceman Spiff...
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that is so cool. I could totally see this as a real C&H strip
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BenCurtStudent Digital Artist
That's... That's Katt Monroe's ship! Holy crap, that's awesome!
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very funny! yes I could see how the internet might be compared to a spaceship while a book is a wagon!
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I love the different colors!
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Love the joke with this one :).
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JoshtheOverlanderHobbyist General Artist
I'm a little unsure of this one. It just doesn't seem as good as the first two.
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Elaborate, I'm always curious what people think. : )
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JoshtheOverlanderHobbyist General Artist
Well, all the other three comics you made seemed to be perfect for Hobbes and Bacon, but this seems a bit more...average life in essence. It does seem like the kind of thing that even the original Calvin and Hobbes creator would draw up for a strip, but the vibe just doesn't feel right somehow. I'm sorry, I'm not sure I can elaborate further.
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I think I know what you're saying, you feel it isn't a concept specific for Hobbes and Bacon. As I was making this one, I had a feeling Calvin as a kid could be plugged into the strip and still have it work, but Bacon is different in the sense she's not enemies with the aliens. Thanks for your thoughts!
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It is the difference between Calvin being like Halo's Master Chief and Bacon being more Paragon Shepard from Mass Effect.
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BlueBeaconHobbyist Writer
ah so go forth and draw more of Hobbes and Bacon!  I encourage this! Maybe one day your stuff will be in a book shop of a collection of comic strips like calvin and hobbes but maybe called Hobbes and Bacon or Bacon and Hobbes! Go and draw I'm sure the fans will welcome this with open arms! I know I welcome this :).
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Please continue. It fits very nicely with the original works, in content and style both. 
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While this on it's own was a very good comic, I really feel like it didn't catch the "spirit" of Bacon and Hobbes where Calvin very much sees himself in Bacon.
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This is PRECISELY how I felt when I got kicked off the family computer and sent to a tower of giant books and a big paper was due tomorrow when I was a kid and Windows 95 was brand new. Nevermind all the fun things I could make the computer do that drove dad crazy! (like changing the startup picture to have a goofy face drawn on it)

Watterson's spirit lives on in you, Phill-Art. You really are capturing the imagination of childhood just like he did.
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joefrogHobbyist General Artist
Brilliant!  Geez, I miss these....
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This is great. Love Calvin and Hobbes, and I think this has some of the same spirit of the strip :). Keep it up!
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