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Gears of War 3



Here's my entry, finally finished. At first I was only going to have just Marcus in the shot, but I decided to go all out and have all five main characters. I wanted to include all the iconic things from Gears, such as the Brumak, the Lancer and taking cover, but also included stuff from the new game. Some how I crammed it all in. : )

: D I actually got in the semi finalists! Course I find out three days later... Not even a little notice Deviantart?? Sighh... Guess that's what I get for not checking my email regularly... Luckily I did, or else I wouldn't have been eligible to win anything without sending them proof I'm over 18 O_o ..
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(:evillaugh: x300 times) YEEAAAH! KIIILLL, MEIN SOLDATEN!