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Commission - Elven Cleric

By Phill-Art
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Awesome. Myrrus is an elven cleric of Kelemvor. She is a fair-skinned woman with short blond hair who is average height with a thin, athletic build. I have a reference picture for what I originally based the look on, I'm not sure how to attach it here.

She is a maternal person, always worrying and watching over the rest of the party. The adventure has often left her feeling stressed and tired.

She wears dour grey robes over a breastplate made of red dragon scales. She has a prominent holy symbol of Kelemvor worn on a chain around her neck. She has with her a shield with Kelemvor's symbol on it and a driftglobe which is a magical crystal ball that glows. She wears a wedding ring with a large diamond.

Depending on the price it would add, I would like to add a background effect of grey ghosts of small angels swirling around her in the distance like the Spirit Guardians spell from 5th Edition D&D.

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I love all your character commissions. How long does it generally take you to make a painting like this?
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Nice, definitely sells "Elven Cleric" would look good as a miniature I think. A criticism would be that while the breastplate looks good it doesn't look like it's made of dragon scales. but rather plates of metal/hardened leather. Still, great piece.
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I figured it'd be melted down dragon scales, only because I wasn't sure if I wanted to make it look busy with texture, especially considering how much more time it would take to paint that. 
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That makes sense.
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✮✮ WOW ! ✮✮
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she looks awesome!!
amazing picture!!
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Beautiful work !
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