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So I noticed a lot of fan art being sold on the site I want to use for my art shop and got swept up in some good u'l confirmation bias. If these people can sell fan art, I sure as hell can, right? Not really. I decided to upload my Disney Princesses thinking I'll be safe since some of the top selling t-shirts on that site include derivative fan art, besides, my work is "tranformative" right? Wrong again. Just because Disney princesses don't exist in Star Wars, it doesn't mean it's transformative. Nothing is being added. At the end of the day the Disney princesses are copyrighted, along with Jedi from Star Wars. Cross over artwork is just derivative fanart, which can't be sold legally without permission. Thus my Jedi princesses got taken down. Not to mention my Pokemon fanart is most definitely just derivative. 

So why do people get away with selling fan art on that site? Apparently users are the ones that point out the bad eggs, rather than the site hunting down copy right infringing content. It's almost as if you're deemed worthy by the community if your shirts will stay put, or at least, for some amount of time. 

From an ethical standpoint, I really shouldn't of tried even considering selling my fan art. 

However, I will be posting my original art work there on prints and various items, such as clothing, mugs, prints, etc. I will be working on a bunch of cool new stuff for you guys! Stay tuned! 


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Phill Berry
United States
I'm working on my portfolio and posting it here, so give me a watch if you like what you see. : )


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