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The Maze Runner

I've been meaning to post something new here since its been quite awhile. This image is a book cover created for the upcoming James Dashner novel, The Maze Runner. It was also featured in Expose' 7.

As always please check out the full view version! Have a look and let me know what you think!:)

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I klunked my pants...
OMG, this is so amazing! Words aren't even enough to describe how talented you are!!
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Absolutely gorgeous
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Reading the first book make me believe in this story!:) Good book! Hope the movie can stand the written story.

Kind regards
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Big congrats Philip, I didn´t know. Wish you lot´s of success with your journey, you deserve everything. Take good care & always be creative, kindly, 
Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper | Artwork & Photography
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Reminds me "vintage'edly" of 90's YA and children's novels like the Animorph's . Maybe it's the bright saturated colors and the style of style and texture of digitally done objects.
And the funny Maestro, is that once dreamed a well, almost forgotten town, with some people, full of green and huge moss. I almost suffered what I dreamed. :) (Smile) 
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if detail has mass, this would be accompanies by moons, and various celestial bodies, crushing everything else in it's path. 
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Suprisingly accurate to the film!
Awesome illustration !
We have the same in France :)
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I love the books, this cover is fantastic!
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oh goodness, I'm reading the book for the second time. Each time I pick up the book I stare at the cover in awe. I can't believe you actually created it; it's flawless. It's really helped me to picture scenes in the novel. Epic job!!
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I'm reading this book now! It's a shame they didn't use the entire image for the cover, it looks fantastic!
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I love this book. I hope they use Josh Hutcherson as Thomas for the upcoming movie
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i love this pic so much that im trying to draw it for my art class, i would have asked permission to use it but i found the pic from google so i didn't know who created it until know. i hope you don't mind.
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I finished this as my drawing, I hope you like it!
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Now that is brilliant. Kinda creepy, and menacing. Well done!!!
I'd hate to see the Minotaur they put in that maze
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