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This was something we were talking about on His Dark and these were some of the things I put I thought I would add them here as well hahaha.

You know you've had too much HDM when.........

1) Your main ambition in life becomes to travel to the North just to see the Northern Lights.
2) Every time you see something HDM realated, you want it and when you can't have it you get a tight feeling in your chest.
3) Getting new paper backs when the ones you have had for 10 years start to fall apart, and then also buying the Hardback additions of the Latern Slide ones.
4) Convincing yourself that you need to get a new copy of 'Once upon a time in the North' simply because you got a tiny little bit of mustard on the corner of one page.
5) You look for interviews with Philip Pullman so you can ask him questions about Lyra's Parents for more information.
6) You decide that you hate the higher up members of the Catholic church.
7) You scream when you see a large cloud in thge sky and cry, "OH NO IT'S METATRON RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" and then you run away.
8 ) You start saving up so that you can afford to get The Noble Collection's prop alethiometer that they sell.
9) All you think about is HDM 24/7
10) Everytime you see a cave, you have to go in it just to see if Mrs Coulter is holding Lyra a prisoner in there.
11) You decide you want to live on a boat like a Gyptian.
12) You decide that you want to live in Oxford and sneak around the town trying to find Philip Pullman.
13) You try to find the building that Mary worked in.
14) You climb up on to the roof of Oxford University.
15) You start tucking you hair behind your ears with both hands like Mrs Coulter and Lyra do in TAS
16) You decide that you want to go to Benin because Mrs Coulter worte a book called 'The Bronze Clocks of Benin'
17) You want to invent a machine that will take you into the books so that you can kill Metaron using a machine gun before Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel get the chance to kill him first.
18) The pages of your books are crinkly from where they have gotten wet with tears while you have been reading them.
19) You start writing 'd'you' instead of 'do you' because that's how Philip Pullman writes it.
20) Whilst on the roof of Oxford University, you spit plum seeds at the students and lecturers like Lyra does in the film.
21) You break into Oxford University so you can look for the underground passages.
22) You squeal when you are reading a friend's mum's book about witches and it mentions HDM and Serafina
23) You start giving the charaters nicknames, e.g. Mrs Coulter is Mrs C or 'Risa', Lyra is Ly-Ly, Serafina is 'Fina' or 'Aunty Fina' (don't ask) and Balthamos is 'Bal'.
24) While watching a programme about a war your country lost (or even that another country lost), you say out loud "We would have won that if we had had an army of armoured bears."
25) If it snows when you are at school and you proclaim "Now this place is even more like Bolvangar."
26) While at school during the snow you throw a snowball to cause a 'distraction' so that you can go to the science lab to free all of the 'Dæmon'.
27) You cried when you found out that they probably won't make the other films.
28) You obssesively search for a directors cut of The Golden Compass.
29) You decide to hate all reptiles, (except turtles and tortoises), simply because of Lord Boreal's Dæmon.
30) You squeal everytime you hear or read the words 'Dark Matter'.
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Rules Of The Club

1) All people who like Philip Pullman's books are welcome to join the club. As you know, many of Mr. Pullman's books (or rather 'His Dark Materials') are quite controversial and have been the source of debate. Therefore, if you only join the club to cause trouble for the fans and post abusive comments about the book, you will be removed.
2) In general, no posting abusive comments.
3) Respect the opinions of other members.
4) Fanfiction and Fanart alike is allowed but nothing offensive and rude is permitted. Pieces must be veiwable and taseful for younger people around the age of 13.

Please enjoy being a member of the club and please have fun sharing you work and ideas with other fans (sensibly!)


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