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Rules Overview

*** Greetings members and prospective members! ***

Submissions are usually approved rather quickly. However, don't expect your submissions to be approved if you don't follow the rules.

That being said, please read the following! :)

Exclamation Emote by Gasara SUBMISSION RULES Exclamation Emote by Gasara

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFEATURED FOLDER
Direct submissions to this folder are always closed. Admins are the only ones allowed to submit into this folder.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioI DON'T KNOW WHERE TO SUBMIT (FOLDER)
Please submit ALL items here if you don't know where to submit. Many people do not read the folder titles. As such, we've made the process easier by organizing it ourselves (if you're not sure where to submit). You can submit 1 artwork per MONTH into this folder.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioALL OTHER FOLDERS
We like to separate artworks according to medium/skill level and we appreciate quality over quantity. Please submit only YOUR BEST WORKS into the CORRECT folders. There is a limit of 1 artwork per MONTH.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIF YOUR SUBMISSION WAS DECLINED Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara
You either submitted it into the wrong folder, or violated one of our gallery rules (so we declined the deviation). Make sure you didn't violate any group policies or submitted into the wrong folder. We also look for quality deviations over quantity. That's not to say that novice artists cannot submit, just make sure you give us works that show effort. Little to no effort will be declined. Remember to give us your best works only, not just any works!

We also enforce "quality control". Every dozen of submissions or so, we decline a few if we get too many of the same folder submissions. We like to give variety, so don't take it to heart if some submissions get declined. If we get too many submissions into one folder while other folders get ignored, we will decline them. Art is about varied styles of ALL kinds. No one medium will be favored here due to popularity. Variety is a KEY aspect in art and should be acknowledged AND encouraged.

Exclamation Emote by Gasara RULES ON JOINING Exclamation Emote by Gasara

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIF YOU WANT TO JOIN
When it comes to joining, most Filipino Deviants are accepted. Unless of course your gallery has items in it that violate dA policies, copyright laws, or our group rules like: pornography, overtly mature, sexual, or overly violent media, users that commit art theft or copyright infringement, or fake/spam accounts.

*We reserve the right to decline membership if your account violates any of the dA rules or #philippines gallery rules. :nod:

And yes we do actually check if dA users are in fact really Filipino upon membership requests. If you have nothing Filipino-related on your homepage at all, you have a high chance of getting declined. We want Pinoy & Pinay members that're proud of their culture. So please make sure you have some form or indication of Philippine pride on your homepages if you want to join! ^^

*Also, please take note that this is a group representing only Filipino Illustrators. We aim to showcase our people's creative talents from across the world. As such, other cultures are not allowed to submit artwork here or become members (just so hey can get free advertising). Regardless, even if you're not Filipino, you are still allowed to "Watch" philippines! Though we must emphasize that submissions and membership are exclusively to represent our Pinoys & Pinays! :D

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS + COMMENTS Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara
Please DO NOT send notes, comments, or questions. We do this because ALL questions concerning why submissions get accepted or declined are already answered by the gallery or submission rules. If you break a rule or submit into the wrong folder, it gets declined (or if submissions are too similar in appearance it can get declined due to lack of variety as stated before).

For questions concerning Deviantart Policies or Copyright Policies, they are posted in our widgets & you can also find them by entering the very top dark-green bar under "More". Remember, only members can submit art here (and only in designated folders).

Please DO NOT post SPAM or questions on the homepage

Question Emote by Gasara GALLERY RULES Question Emote by Gasara

tick by DiegoVainillaDigital
tick by DiegoVainillaTraditional
tick by DiegoVainillaMixed Media
tick by DiegoVainillaPhotomanipulations
tick by DiegoVainillaPhotography
tick by DiegoVainilla3D Artworks
tick by DiegoVainillaCosplays
tick by DiegoVainillaCrafting
tick by DiegoVainillaComics
tick by DiegoVainillaSculpture
tick by DiegoVainillaAbstract
tick by DiegoVainillaFractals
tick by DiegoVainillaVectors
tick by DiegoVainillaLiterature
tick by DiegoVainillaOther Mediums

x by DiegoVainillaAny form of art theft (do not submit things that you do not own/do not have explicit written permission to use; all deviations with resources must be cited, stock, and have the correct copyrights & permission rights)
x by DiegoVainillaDeviations with the dA Watermark Signature (the dA signature is highly distracting & pixelated, please use a modest-sized artist signature please)
x by DiegoVainillaMature or Censored Images (many members are minors, any inappropriate material will not be shown here)
x by DiegoVainillaNudity (partial nudity in ANY form whether male or female is not allowed; please present fully-clothed characters; this includes bikinis/underwear/etc.)
x by DiegoVainillaHentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Slash, etc.
x by DiegoVainillaALL other fetish genres/media
x by DiegoVainillaPornography
x by DiegoVainillaBases/Dolls
x by DiegoVainillaTraces/Recolors
x by DiegoVainillaAdoptables
x by DiegoVainillaDress-up Games
x by DiegoVainillaGore, Macabre, Horror (excessive amounts of blood/injuries)
x by DiegoVainillaExplicit Violence (we do not want to endorse overt harm to others)
x by DiegoVainillaHateful Items (material against a group of people, anti-items, etc.)
x by DiegoVainillaSpam Advertising, Commission Advertising, Contest Advertising (this is an "art-creation" group, so please visit advertising groups to post these items)
x by DiegoVainillaPersonal Items i.e. Journals (we accept literature-based works only like stories or poems)

Our group aims to keep our gallery "family friendly" and safe to view for ALL ages.

As such, any submissions that are questionable in nature and content (or are related to the items we prohibit) will NOT be allowed into the galleries.

Thank you for your understanding.

Question Emote by Gasara DEVIANTART F.A.Q. Question Emote by Gasara

Policies on Adult & Mature Content:

Policies on Art Theft, Infringement, & Copyrights…,,,,,,,,

*If you spot Copyright Infringement of your work google "DMCA" and then type in the website's name and they will remove infringement as part of the international DMCA Copyright Laws which all websites have to comply to.

How to Report Art Theft or Copyright Infringement:,,…,…,,

How to report rule violations:


Group Info

:onfire: The International Filipino Artist's Club:onfire:
Showcasing Filipino Illustrators since the beginning of dA groups!
Founded 18 Years ago
Jul 19, 2006


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Almost All Forms

1,872 Members
2,923 Watchers
245,089 Pageviews



The Deviantart Group "Philippines" was set up in mid 2006 and is one of the largest country community groups representing Filipino Artists!

"Philippines" is an international country community group. It strives to promote and exhibit the works of Filipino Illustrators both inside and outside of the Philippines. Our group aims to foster not just any talent, but "the appreciation of the best kinds of Filipino art, culture, and people!"



Newest Members



Gallery Folders

Riverforest Village by Skaya3000
Throne of Elegance - Acrylic Paint by joycego
Sky  Travel by aerobicsalmon
Philippine falconet by Abremson
I do not know where to submit.
High Quality Digital Media
'An Animal's Tale' by dzeri
Fire warrior by bloodyman88
Femme Megan by caezars
Madame Butterfly by aerobicsalmon
High Quality Traditional Media
Apple in the basket by CERIOLA
Faithless 2 by dzeri
Dreamcatcher by orangeregine
Tree Spirit by IsabelaRazo
Western Style Digital Original Characters + Works
Auru and Grace | Coming 2017-2018 by JupiterGrace
Khrysos | Final by JupiterGrace
Our First Kiss by Avriia
Heavy by Andreanable
Western Style Traditional Original Character Works
Art 001 by Lucilia101
Scar of Marawi by Abremson
The Homunculus Returns by observart
CHOPSTICKS by TemporaryFate
Fanart Works - All Mediums
A2 portrait by Fizz12
Shiro and Kuro by erin3ko
Pinocchio by Ninetalesroxy
Kizuna Ai chibi by seika
Anime Style Digital Media + Original Characters
092517 by de-mise
Witch Trial by erin3ko
Manisilat - Devil Persona [Fanmade] by ThatOneUserFromPH
Thalia_Contest by reese-yamawe
Anime Style Traditional + Original Characters
Random Art #3 by Ninetalesroxy
Rainy Mood by nolramaru
MarsaC. by LightHeart4
Feelin' Expert by mariahwendi
Filipino People + Culture, The Official Flag
A mothers love by TemporaryFate
Fleurdeliz Vigil by Arningkingking
traditionally dressed by kshaGL
Liza Soberano by Real25th
Lucky You by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu
Strawberry Kiwi Cake by SerendipityDesT
Animals, Anthro, Creatures - Originals + Fanart
Ink test drive by avspill
All Other Pinoy Flags, Symbols, Artworks, etc.
Philippine Independence Day by Ariannedione11
You can't see  the blob by aeposadas
Tutorials, Case Studies, Progress WIPs
Tevinters by DavidDarkheartKing
3D Artworks
Grand Stablemates by Jetfreak-7
Abstract Vectors, Sculptures, Other Media
Falling Leaf by Fukushu-Makoto12
Team Skull Grunt - Yo, check it! by splgum

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