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Wonderland of type

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” of type

I am philippe a french graphic designer based in Perugia, Italy. I specialise in Typography, Logotypes, publication design, Illustrations. (and I speak French, Italian & English quite well)

For any further informations, collaborations, Jobs requests or just to say "Hi" feel free to contact me.

Or if want you visit my inspiration on [link]
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© 2009 - 2021 Philippe-nicolas
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:heart: Amazing!

 I found you from another website! You're famous!…
jon1d's avatar
this makes you chuckle ^^
Adila's avatar
Hebbel's avatar
makes me think of Terry Bogard ;D lovin' it
cocobirdie's avatar
Nice style, good job!

It would look awesome on a shirt
shaSHEEmi's avatar
this is super cute!!!! i love the rabbit.. yey! :)
samsky16's avatar
i really like it : )
i love the alice theme.
thepunkfromkenowhere's avatar
nice, i like it. . .it reminds me of a song i once heard, something about alice in acidland. . . .
Philippe-nicolas's avatar
Of course, Alice took too much ....
thepunkfromkenowhere's avatar
Yes i definitely think acid, or some kind of similar drug played a role in the conception of Alice In Wonderland, but that's just me. What do i know anyway right....?
yay4turtles's avatar
the bug on top is very cute!
yay4turtles's avatar
you are very welcome
raiseer's avatar
it's not a bug, it's a caterpillar :)
Philippe-nicolas's avatar
Thk for the explication
Rascal4498's avatar
dawww so adorable!
no wonder it got a DD!~
Philippe-nicolas's avatar
cr0z3r's avatar
i like how you can feel the softness of the clouds (smoke, gas, w/e)

it's really comfortable.
great work!
Philippe-nicolas's avatar
Thk a lot you're right, (I did it like a cream, an heavy smoke)
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