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January 5, 2007
You'll often hear me calling for more male subjects in the fetish gallery, and I'm not dissapointed with this contribution! Strong pose and use of colour, I like it a lot. Modification 01 by ~philipjanin
Featured by serpentinekiss
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Modification 01

Modification #01
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Creartbody's avatar
I'm fan of Lukas Zpira!!!!
Thanks for this pic!
IAmPhoenixMoth's avatar
All I have to say :faint:
piefreak6's avatar
xcasex's avatar
mr. zpira, you're looking well tonight.
reggie-san's avatar
Lukas! That man is a genius...not to mention his gorgeous wife, Satomi. Those two did an awesome show in Melbourne some time back.
A very striking image :clap:
hachi-x-blurry's avatar
its a really, REALLY nice photo. great work.
camera-wh00re's avatar
This is an amazing photo, as I'm sure you know, and that man is extremely sexy.
aps280's avatar
amazing photo
even more amazing subject
NamelessHollowHeart's avatar
oh my gosh I tatooed my body too... but I did it with a knife....

by the way your looks more cool than mine.... now I want to cut myself....
Chris-Tedlock's avatar
A very powerful image.

It would be great to see it in a larger format.

It will enable everyone to appreciate the finer details of the image.
GuanYinsTears's avatar
from seeing him in som many mags, to seeing him all over the web and on BME, to even seeing him on Ricki Lake hat one time with his wife or girlfriend, and now I randomly come across a pic of him on here. maybe we need to meet one day ? I'd love to let him know whow much respect, admiration, and htanks i have for him and what he has done for the mod community
KoR-3's avatar
snapdragon350's avatar
Congrats on the DD. Awesome shot. I'd like to be able to see the image larger to see more detail in his tattoos and implants.
Subaqueous's avatar
X marks the spot! to speak :3
tyr-einherjer's avatar
edge ?? cause you got the sweet ass Xs on your hands lol
ThatsNotPoetry's avatar
I think he is my favorite of your Modification set. Bold but not cliché.
Hades3k's avatar
I love tattoos, so its obviously I like this one, and even though its under fetish portraits, I'm more impressed with the male nude, because even though female nudes are more interesting, its nice to see both sides as much as possible.
nikosalpha's avatar
really nice art!! :) thanks for sharing! :) :)
blindcreation's avatar
That is a beautiful shot. The tattoos are incredible but the shot itself make him seem like he's an after he's not really there. I love it. very much a shot full of invisible pride and power, wistfull and dreamlike. (6.^)<-- Art face
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