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Wolfpack Rendezvous

By PhilipHarvey
Thought I'd try something a little different than normal for me so came up with submarines or U-Boats if you prefer chasing down a convoy just visible on the horizon. Must admit this is a bit experimental not sure if it works entirely and graphite pencil probably not the best medium to use for waves but still I gave it a go :)

The U-Boats in this drawing are based on the famous/infamous type VIIs used by the german navy in WW2… the main workhorse submarine they used. I wouldn't say mine are 100% accurate to the originals but they are fairly close :) used lots of old photos for reference and this WW2 painting for perspective help

Used mech pencils and my trusty 2b,3b pencils plus a rubber to try and whiten the wave crests, tried to add colour for sunbeams but looked wrong so faded them digitally as I said all very experimental :)
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Sep 8, 2012, 12:36:46 AM
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Great work on this one. The fact that you chose to do this without adding any color helps convey the boredom that U-Boat crews contended with when they were not hunting/being hunted. The lack of color also makes the sea seem more ominous. I like how, if you look at the top left corner, you can see the smokestacks of a convoy on the horizon.

This particular scene sort of reminds me of Das Boot, where two U-Boats nearly collide with each other. In this scene, one can imagine other hidden U-Boats nearby, waiting to strike. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you very much for taking the time to critique my u-boat drawing, it was an experimental effort, never really done anything like this before but gave it a go :)
I may do a follow up drawing one day, the boat returning to port after a successful patrol.;)
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You're welcome. Aside from U-Boats, are you thinking of doing any other WWII naval art?
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I did think of trying a dazzle camouflage ship drawing, not got round to that yet though ;)
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An endless sea, cold and unforgiving. Two hunters meet to form a wolfpack for the evening hunt.

I can feel the cold of the water and the height of the sky. I am impressed with the feeling the piece gives the viewer of two old friends reunited, ready for the hunt again.

Note the water moving across the deck of the U-Boot. It makes me feel like the ocean wants the boot back in the deep depths. And look across at the oncomming U-Boot. See the wave crashing on the bow? Amazing!

Now bring yourself back to our U-Boot with the hatch open on the top deck. Can you all imagine the feeling all of the crew have with the fresh salty air coming in? It gives them new energy.

What makes this image great is how I can feel and imagine all of this just from what I see.


Now, I would trade all of my Goldmarks to experience this once, just once...

Everyone take in a deep breath, it is gion to be a long night on the hunt. I suspect a rather large British convoy.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to critique this little experiment of mine, it makes me very glad you like it so :) Yes I think it would of been a terrifying but also exhilarating at times experiance to be in these steel coffins at sea in wartime.
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Gudrun though I would like your art and I am very impressed. She is very special to me and I admire her choices. You have done well. I shall now examine the rest of your art. Consider selling that piece to me.
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Wow thank you very much Julius. I will make it available as a print if you want.
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Yes. I would like that.
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you really captured the motion of the sea here and the grey abyss of U-boot life,,,reminds me of a scene from Das Boot
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Thank you good Sir! I did listen to the Das Boot soundtrack whilst doing this, it gave me lots of inspiration, also tried to keep in mind the noisy engine room thrashing away at top speed! hehe ;)
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Yes, nice drawing!  I also thought of the movie "U-571."
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Holly shit! Yer makin' me envy..... This is amazing!!! Do ya have some tips for me? 
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Lets see, choose a subject that really interests you and have patience! :)
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Well.... Ok thanks!
Like Cyborgs? Or Ships? And tanks?
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Amazing! Keep up the great work.
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Thank you, I'll try ;)
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I like how the water looks
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Have you ever heard of Sabaton? :3
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I had not no, but did check them out on youtube :)
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if you like them
please look up a song called Wolfpack :3
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