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Gorgeous Ladies... and Sam

It's been soooooo very long that I've uploaded anything, I thought I'd better get back "on the horse" so to speak and finally post something I did last year, and before IDW started releasing their IDW comic series. Big BIG fan of Netflix's "GLOW" series (if you're not watching it... you're missing out BIG TIME!) and this is one of a series of covers I had a go at. A complete rip off of John Byrne's cover to Action Comics 597. Still not convinced about the text in the corner from Scandal's "The Warrior" but I really couldn't think of anything else (back then). Again... watch GLOW, it's brilliant!
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Upload more Phil!
Interesting that you homage that cover, as it looks like Byrne was himself paying homage to Kurt Schaffenberger.  Wheels within wheels... And you have really brought out that Silver Age feel.  Nicely done.
I watched series one of Glow... I should give series two a look.
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Thanks Nick! Always good to hear from you. Yep... I've lost track at the amount of times I had to check that wasn't a Kurt Schaffenberger piece. Completely agree with you. Not sure if Byrne inked Schaffenberger but I can't find anything that confirms it. Thanks again for the comment and looking forward to seeing this weekend's LID piece (or several pieces!). Definitely recommend GLOW... third series is out in August, so you've time to catch up. Have a good weekend!