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Yamnaya - Boldyrevo I, Kurgan I, Grave 1

Now for someone different, a proto-Indo-European.

Boldyrevo I, Kurgan I, Grave 1 was an elite burial of a Yamnaya (Pit-Grave Culture) man. He was buried in a kurgan with numerous articles made of copper and meteor iron, and a wagon. One of the world's earliest. The Yamnaya were some of the first people to use wheeled transport, and some of the first people (though not the first) to use horses... though not necessarily to pull their wagons.

These people exploded out of the Ukrainian steppes in the Bronze Age to become the fathers (literally) of most of modern Europe and Eurasia. By the early modern period their descendants ranged from Iceland to China.

I have no idea who did the original reconstruction. It doesn't look like Gerasimov. Do any of you know?
Edit: It was L.T. Yablonsky, thanks again to VerifiableAddress for pointing that out.
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I'll give you a chance to properly explain why you've been posting this under the pictures.

If you don't I'm going to block you and report you for trolling.

can i use your image for a substack post?

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You can crop the bottom off if you want, because I'm not sure if the statue is copyrighted somehow.

thanks. will do with credit to you

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Hi. Wonderful reconstruction. I would wish to use it for my video thumbnail. May I use it? I will credit your name and put a link in the description. Is it okay with you? Please let me know soon.

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Absolutely, go right ahead.

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WONDERFUL. Thanks yet again, Verifiable.

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Wow! So professional.

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