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So Justice League War arrives at retailers today and with it begins our new line of DC animated movies! This movie features the core members of the Justice League as they meet for the first time and team up to take on Darkseid! If you're a fan of DC comics or DC animation, this one is a ton of fun to watch and definitely not to be missed.

Also... Follow me on Instagram if you don't already, I'm @ philbourassa ... I've been posting on there a bit more regularly 

Here's a link:

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Comments (106)
MeloYellowJellow's avatar
MeloYellowJellow|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ShameMuser's avatar
Best outfit, one of my favourites in DC universe.
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Murgurth's avatar
Murgurth| Traditional Artist
Probably my favorite design from the movie.He just looks right in this style!
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Phenometron's avatar
His suit looks incredible. :)
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Tenraii's avatar
Tenraii|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
he was was of the best looking characters. ^-^good job
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TexPool's avatar
TexPool|Hobbyist Digital Artist
won't  i won't be killed or blocked if i say that Barry Allen is my only favorite Flash and that Wally West is just an amateur (in my opinion)
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TWD-is-awesome's avatar
True. Barry is the only real Flash to me and Wally will always be Kid Flash in my opinion
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MAD-54's avatar
MAD-54|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry about that thing earlier.
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philbourassa's avatar
philbourassa|Professional Filmographer
No worries.
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MAD-54's avatar
MAD-54|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :)
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Jack-frost-fangirl55's avatar
Jack-frost-fangirl55|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Phil,you made him too cute X,D
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ujvalpurabiya's avatar
ujvalpurabiya|Professional Digital Artist
like it
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rorrkae's avatar
rorrkae|Professional General Artist
Super Flash!
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joe94's avatar
Awesome take on the Barry Allen Flash, very very good! :)
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R-o-x-a-s's avatar
R-o-x-a-s|Hobbyist General Artist

Is it Barry or Wally that's being used in the movie?

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JoshawaFrost's avatar
JoshawaFrost|Professional Digital Artist
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Jstray2's avatar
Jstray2|Professional Digital Artist
Thank god you avoided those stupid lines in his costume.
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x-raider's avatar
x-raider|Student Traditional Artist
Actually the didn't: you can see them on the costume and they shine when he's running.
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Akrosh's avatar
Akrosh|Student Filmographer
I really admire the way you design characters
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mamaOOD's avatar
mamaOOD|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
straight to the faves :D
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willsketchharris's avatar
willsketchharris|Professional Traditional Artist
That's what I call a hero stance.
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Chucktanium's avatar
This looks great! The DC Animated Universe basically made my childhood, I'll have to check this out:D (Big Grin) 
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TerraZin50's avatar
TerraZin50|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Phil as always outstanding work! I just got my copy of JLA War and I enjoyed every bit of it. It's a big trill of mine to know the work that goes into these films. You and your team should be very proud to put out a superior product. I look forward to the Son of Batman. Keep them coming my friend. TZ
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