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I love the subtlety of the planet in the background. This is the way sci-fi is done best. The subtlety and casual space/sci-fi references make the image believable yet edgy. The planet creeps up on you. And the night sky blending into the universe is a lovely touch, and handled beautifully with the cloud sweep breaking the sky into sections. Really love the way you used the clouds as design elements in that way - they break up the space and different colors of the sunset too. The tree silhouette completes the piece. Beautiful concept. The Only negative points I can find is the central placement of the tree, and the slightly grainy quality of the image in a few places. Centering objects, however, can be done smartly when there is a purpose to it, and I think you made it work. Central placement of an object brings the viewers focus to that object - and keeps their focus on that object. That is usually the problem. It prevents the viewers eye from traveling around the page fluidly. But it serves a purpose in this way as well. The tree brings the sci-fi/space scene into a familiar reality for the viewers. It grounds us in a familiar landscape scene and allows the planets and stars to exist without pretense or garishness. Therefore every aspect of the image is kept quite, still, and peaceful. As to the grainy issue, there may be an argument for that as well. It does make the image look real - like an authentic "photograph" taken in that moment. It works for me in that sense, and is only a minor point. I encourage you to explore this "land-space" theme further. I like the way you merged the sci-fi and the familiar western landscape genres. Very Firefly.