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I would like to come up with a lil story behind this but ugh The Effort i suck at writing story's If anyone wants to give it a go be my guest :P Anyway on to specs,
Planet on right is from

Image Shown is just a preview image with 2 full res crops.

Programs, Photoshop Cs2

-Download For wallpaper,
-Download includes Resolutions

-Download .Rar Approx 6Megs
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Dang, your good!!!
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Thank you:)
Glad you like it.
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Bring me back to an edge, where Homeworld was king...
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'homeworld' the 3 dimensional real time strategy game on pc about 10 years ago?

only found this link through Arksun - The Nexus Realm on youtube.

tis beautiful all the same
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Thank you B-)
I didn't base the image it's self off the game but that is where I got the name from ;)
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That is quite an inspiring piece. It is a reminder of why we strive toward the future. I am using the version from Interfacelift as my new desktop screen.
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Thanks Glad you like it enough to use as your desktop image,
I really appreciate it :D
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Thanks Glad you like it :D
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It's good. It remembers me on an german MMORPG. Good job.
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this would make a great background for WMC, do u mind if I include this in a pack of wmc backgrounds I plan on uploading?
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Sure so long as you credit ;)
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already planed on it
Really awesome work! (Y)
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RAR tipe i can open it :(
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Download winrar then you should be able to extract it :)
Wow! :) I really, really like that Photoshoping... Is there some sort of tutorial I can do to make this sort of picture, or how do I learn?
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