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Nightmare Raphael

Yeah, I know! He took the mantle of the Shredder in the old comics. But this one is an homage of the 2003 series. The episode "The Darkness Within"  from season 3, Raph must face a dark  shredder version of him. If you like it, please share it! :)
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QwQ. My dreams have come true. -or maybe they’re nightmares? 

I was SUPER intrigued by the ‘03 episode “The Darkness Within” as well. It’s obvious Raphael is extremely afraid of hurting his family. Notice how everyone else was dreaming about something happening to someone else like Donnie fearing about Angel, and Leo about Splinter. Mikey’s was closely relative to Raph’s fear, but he was just afraid of Leo turning evil. As for Raph, well, he’s afraid of his temper, most likely. 

Beautiful artwork! Have a nice day!
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Awesome work, he looks so badass!
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Nightmare Raph: *laughs evilly*
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LOL the Foot Elite are behind him.
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Nice observation! The only thing that is missing is the Foot Elite music theme. Thx for the comment!
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This is beyond amazing!! 
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Gosh darn this looks scary! excellent job with the colors and detail! :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: 
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This is amazing!!!!!!! Wow! 
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An awesome piece of glorious, Fantastic job pal! :heart:
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Oh my God this is so badass! Holy crap!
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I literally hyper-ventilate when I see this... It's marvelous...
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One of my favorite episodes! This is amazingly intense. The details are incredible, especially how you've included the glowing red eyes in both Raph and the Elites.
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That is freaking epic!
Just amazing work. 
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:heart: I totally want to see a badass version of Mickey too… 
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Wow. Scary and cool.
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