What do you think of reboots of classic movies and shows ??
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depends... but.... always be better something origial... but the actual hollywood is brainless
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It's case by case. Some are good, some are bad. That's just how it goes.
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Already assuming they're reimaginings rather than updated graphics/animations, I tend to stay away from the reboots of what I love. A lot of shows are perfect the way they were and should be remembered that way rather than someone else's shallow vision of what it "should have been".

Before I deliver my own counter-argument, I will often put down my Nope Guard and give some of these abominations a chance and come out of it pleasantly surprised. Yet sometimes, admittingly, I have to be forced to. For example, the new Looney Toons Show; I gave it a long sigh and held my broken heart as they attempted to domesticate the toons I so love and grew up with. They were LOONEY toons for a reason, y'know? But my best friend talked to me and admitted that not every episode was gold, true, but there are nuggets of good that only needed the patience to be looked over. Once I saw them, my heart was easier to piece back together. I won't say I love the show but it definitely isn't nearly as bad as I thought.

Maybe it was Kristen Wiig who made it for me.
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It really depends. But some films are just a work of art, and they can't be remastered to Hollywood's expense since they can't see what made the original great in the first place. I rarely see a 'reboot' film based off of a classic movie do as must justice as the original did. I still prefer Tim Burton's Batman over the 'dark and edgy' Batman movies anyday. 
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In my opinion, it depends on the project. It all comes down to the skill of the team and their passion for it. Also, there is a chance that the reboot will shed light on the original property and give a new audience the chance to see both versions. If the reboot sucks, or if the viewer just does not like it, the original is still there.
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I think they have potential to be good.
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I honestly think its kinda laziness on the filmakers part. Instead of creating new and interesting stories they just rehash old ones in hopes of cashing in on nostalgia(which doesn't seem to work) or just trying to bring in a new crowd for that story. For example I much preferred the original robocop,total recall,and conan. That's not to say all reboots are bad but it seems that I only liked them if I didn't see the original, like 21 jump street or as someone has already pointed out battlestar galactica.
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Sometimes reboots much more better than originals, like a "Battlestar Galactica", for example.
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The Dark Knight, yes.

Robocop, hell no. That new Robocop movie was one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life.
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Sometimes they're good, sometimes they suck. It all depends.
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Hmmmmm....No sir, I don't like them.
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Sometimes the originals age poorly enough to warrant a reboot.
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Honestly, it depends. Reboots and adaptations can be worthwhile. It depends on how the showrunners make the series both honor its source material and be able to stand on its own.
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