Spoilers for movies ,games ,TV shows etc. How do you feel about them ??
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Depends of the spoilers and the context. Some spoilers add to the anticipation, while other's can be either meh or ruining. 
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It depends.  I really don't appreciate spoilers for fandoms/movies/TV series/fictional novels if it is something I like or sounds interesting.

However, if said category is on that is depressing, has a lot of characters die, or is a terrible series, then I allow someone to tell me about the spoilers.

I really just like it if someone warns me first and asks me if I want to know how something turns out.  That's all really.
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Love 'em!! In the case of some movies, I wouldn't have even seen them if I hadn't found out about a spoiler that made it more interesting to me. Even if I was going to see a movie anyway, spoilers really don't hinder my enjoyment of anything.
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When my brother comes back from a movie and wants to talk about it, spoilers included, I don't often get all worked up about it. Often times, people don't describe a movie in such great detail and when they reveal something it's very rarely the exact way it goes. In my scenario, of course.

When I watch a film even after spoilers, I'm so drawn in by the film that I completely forget what my brother told me and enjoy it despite it. Although, on the other hand, there are movies that I'm very excited to see and refuse to hear anything or watch tv in fear of catching those post-movie-release trailers that give away everything. So I think it depends for me, lol.
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fates of Joffrey and Ned hasn't really detracted from my enjoyment.

... the only spoiler I can think of that I wish had remained unspoiled was... that whole thing about the Ben Kingsley Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Because that was glorious.
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I mind them less than most people. I have a friend who can't bear to hear ANYTHING about something that he wants to see or read. Me, I grew up seeing everything piecemeal on television, so for example I knew that Darth Vader was Luke's father long before I ever seen any of the Star Wars movies. My recent favorite thing is Game of Thrones, and knowing the grisly
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I don't mind spoilers as long as they're not easily seen. In other words, if you don't title a post with a spoiler, or don't start the post with the spoiler (so it can be seen in the preview), I don't really mind one way or the other. It's probably also a good idea to mention you're about to spoil something...

Unless it's been out a good 2 weeks (for TV or games). Then all bets are off and it's my fault for not having seen it yet. Movies...I kinda resign myself to spoilers anyway since I can't afford to go to theaters anyway, but it would be nice if spoilers didn't come out in the first month...
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