Seeing that people are still wary about the new TMNT movie what do you think people wanted to see ??
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I just three months ago met my six-year-old grand niece and discovered she shares my love of comic books.  And I also discovered she REALLY loves the Turtles.  So I hope to take her to the movie.
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I was initially sceptical, but the latest trailer has given me hope. Yeah, Megan Fox is still as charming as a piece of wood, Shredder looks a bit over-designed, and the dubstep used in the trailer was generic, but they seem to have gotten the turtles right, and in the end that's all that matters to me.
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Honestly, the main thing that's put me off is the Bay name attached to it. I'm not totally against him, as I genuinely enjoyed Armageddon (yeah, I'm the guy that enjoyed that film) and the first Bayformers movie was pretty entertaining ... but once that first entry into the series did well it's like his brain melted and they've just gotten progressively more ridiculous.

I don't mean ridiculous in a too many explosions way either, loads of explosions are fine so long as they're not there largely to cover the cracks in what pans out to just be really careless, shlocky and lazy story telling which layered on top of awful design for the Bayformers (how many redudndant components do those guys have, seriously?) sets me up to not really be interested in the TMNT movie. It might be good, it might not, I tend to avoid prejudging the final result of a film before I've seen it, but it's not something I'd risk a cinema stub on from what I've seen.

So long as they don't give He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors to Bay, I'll be happy. :)
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Yeah but Bay is not directing this if we blame producers now Steven Spielberg gets it for those transformers movies.
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A valid point for sure but it's on the Netflix list rather than the cinema list for me.
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First off, let me just say that I'm going to see it no matter what. That said, I'm mostly wary of it because of the director. The only other Jonathan Liebesman movie I've ever seen is Wrath of the Titans, which was a horrible shit-fest (and this is coming from someone who actually halfway enjoyed the first one). BUT at least Bay himself isn't directing it, so that's good. I'm just hoping it will be better than the Transformers movies.
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As far as Bay films go, I think people just go to see 'em. May it be nostalgia that drives them or curiosity. I doubt anyone to this day has still not heard of the Ninja Turtles whether you remember the glory days or you're a kid watching the latest 2D/3D adaptation. Either way, people are going in to see another adaptation of their reptilian icons... just... Hollywood'd. And Bay-ified.

We know there will be ample action! Ample Turtles! Doing Turtle things! Ample Fox! And Ample Ka-Blooies! It should be good enough for some laughs. I plan to, at least.
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I think most people, at least in my age bracket (late 20s, early 30s) just want the old 80s series properly represented on screen.

I can understand this all too well, as that is my vision of the TMNT in my head, that version of April O'Neill, Shredder, Splinter, and so on, are iconic even if they aren't true to their original comic book versions.

Myself?  I'm just not liking the look of the trailers, they don't excite me and are full of so much of the modern, plot spoiling, over the top, trying to hard to be cool/funny/awesome that all trailers do.  The designs of the Turtles really don't appeal and the white washing of Shredder and his new Megatron suit bugs me too.

That aside, I personally don't care.  I have my perfect TMNT movie in the 1990 live action film.  While I greatly prefer April in the cartoon, that movie is as close to perfect as I could have asked for, and while it may not include fan favourites like Bebop and Rocksteady, I never felt like it needed them either.  Plus that version of the Shredder is completely badass.
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As you said yourself our generation already had a movie based on the 90's TV show asking for a remake of that and depriving a new generation of the tMNT just sounds really greedy to me.

Liking the modern movie just comes down to opinions I'm afraid can't really do anything to make people like it and I think most of the disliike is due to nostalgia getting in the way but going by the new trailers Oroku Saki may be appearing in the movie.
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I wouldn't say the original movie is perfect to the cartoon, it's more of a blend of the cartoon and the comics, featuring a darker, grittier setting, more mature themes, as well as April's antique store, Hamato Yoshi and Splinter being his pet, all from the comics, while the coloured headbands, the more jovial Turtles, April being a reporter and Shredder being a far more important badguy like the cartoon.

The sequels are closer to the cartoon, due to being more lighthearted, but were still lacking a lot of the charm of the cartoon, as well as a lot of the third one was pretty awful.

Personally I think the 2007 TMNT film deserves more notoriety, it's still not quite as good as the original movie imo but is very entertaining and a really good amalgam of the previous films and the more recent, and most awesome, 2003 cartoon series that a lot of fans disregarded for whatever reason.

Also the 2012 TMNT reboot is pretty sweet also, so as far as I'm concerned, even if the new Pseudo Bay film is as bad as his Tranformers 2 then there's a lot to fall back on.  At least it'll struggle to be worse that TMNT3.

Thinking about it more, however, I think I know what would make me, and probably only me, happy.  A feature length movie with the really good writing from the 2003 or 2012 series, but set in the 1987 universe with the artstyle completely and perfectly replicated, but with the modern animation of a powerhouse like Madhouse.  And the original live action films version of Shredder, seeing as James Avery is sadly no longer alive to reprise his version.
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That would also make me happy.
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I feel more optimistic about the movie the more trailers I see. They're really selling me on the comedy, because it feels right out of a Ninja Turtles.
I think if people go in with the mindset that it could be good ie at least fun, I think they might enjoy it.

"We're bulletproof. "
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Rocksteady and Bebop. The turtles are nothing without them.
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They said they want to use them along with Casey Jones for a sequel.
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I'm not wary. I'm just not interested.
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A movie that actually focuses on the Turtles, someone more charismatic and charming (as well as a better actor) than Megan Fox playing April O'Neil, and Shredder looking more like Shredder and less like the Vulture from Spectacular Spider-Man mixed with the Silver Samurai from The Wolverine movie
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 1, we have only seen trailers and since its a TMNT movie I'm sure it will focus on the Turtles I mean even the trailers have shown that it has a lot of interactions between them.
2,Megan Fox could be good who knows I mean again only going on trailers here.
3, Shredder um hes had a lot of designs through the years from murderous ninja to bumbling ninja to robot with an alien inside even his daughter being called the Shredder at one point I mean even in Secret of the Ooze he turned into a giant wrestler with knives all over his body so yeah a high tech suit of robot armour isnt that out of place.
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