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Wanda Lehnsherr [1993] (Earth-27M) commission

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"Wanda Lehnsherr" (1993) sponsored by the Earth-27 Community for Roysovitch's Earth-27M project.

Character belongs to Marvel Comics.

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well i'm certainly bewitched :love:

MensajerodeDiscord's avatar

h my God, Roy and you really went all out with this design. I love it so much.

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Does her power and Quicksilervs power come fro the infinity stones like the movies?

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Their powers come from a mutation caused by their genes.
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So are they considered meta-human and not mutants?
Roysovitch's avatar
They are mutants.

Metahumans is DC.
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I know, but I thought you mixed the two settings into one in your project with these "cameos". My bad.
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Earth-27M is a sub-reality of the main Earth-27. 
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I think Mutants

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I love how you made her take her fathers name in this earth

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Niceu, Niceu. Verrrrry niceu, Caesar-chan!
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Seeing this makes me think of that Endgame scene "You took everything from me." "I don't even know you." "You will."
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Won't use Maximoff as last name?
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Read the file. It's explained there.
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Wow, I love Wanda/Scarlet Witch's design in this art, amazing! C ;
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So...Inhuman or Mutant?
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Mayhaps you should read her CF to find out.
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Given the last name, I am gonna have to say Mutant.
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Thank the lord
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