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Tye Longshadow (Earth-27) commission

By phil-cho
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"Tye Longshadow" sponsored by :iconfoxy-knight: Foxy-Knight and :icondkalban: Dkalban for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27.

Concept/Design by Roy Westerman
Character Owned by DC Comics

FB page for Earth-27:

GoFundMe campaign for Earth-27:

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i love his powers
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Will he ever forgive Jaime? I doubt it.
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I adore is simplistic design. You did fabulous as always! :heart:
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nightcrawlerfan19Professional Interface Designer
I like how the wear and tear makes his outfit more closely resemble his original costume.
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Shadow-DJHobbyist Writer
HAIL TO THE KING, BABY! XD Also...SINCE they are the Runaways...I think I got some quotes that could possibly fit how they are;

Tye: Okay clown...I'm only gonna say this once, on behaf of my friends here...we're sick of being your weapons, Joker. You hurt Ace...and that, to us, inexusable. So you're about to see...(Eyes start to glow a bit) Why you don't mess with the King
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Cool. So are him and Jaime friends in the universe?
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KissmethardyHobbyist Artist
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MrWonderWorksHobbyist Writer
A.K.A. The Apache Chief.
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Foxy-KnightStudent Writer
Well he looks like a rough fellow, perfect for the kind of gang he and his friends are in
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Hopefully we get to see him a bit happier in Young Justice season 3. That's if they'll bring him back :)
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DkalbanHobbyist Writer
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
Tye Longshadow is the King.
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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist
Why are they all wearing clubs?
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Members of the Royal Flush Gang in E27 as opposed to the Runaways according to an earlier journal by Roy
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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist
Ok.  I know they are the remake of the 70s heroes Apache Chief, El Dorado, and Samurai, but who will round out the gang (Static? and who else?)
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Idk? You'll have to ask the mastermind himself.
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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist
:iconphil-cho:?  Any answers?
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I meant :iconroysovitch:, sorry
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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist
I was going for the artist's insights as to how he was going to draw them...
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
I believe AzureVirgo was referring to me.
The Earth-27 Royal Flush Gang are:
10: Colin Wilkes
J: Eddie Dorado
Q: Asami Koizumi
K: Tye Longshadow
A: Ace

Virgil Hawkins, aka: Static is a member of the 4th Generation of the Titans. 
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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist
A.  :thumbsup:
B.  Ace, as in JLU's Ace?  Or a different one?
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
JLU's Ace. 
Pictured here: Ace [Patient] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho  Here: Ace [Civilian] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho  and here: Ace [Hero] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
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They're members of the Royal Flush Gang
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