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St. John Allerdyce [1993] (Earth-27M) commission

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"St. John Allerdyce" (1993) sponsored by the Earth-27 Community for Roysovitch's Earth-27M project.

Character belongs to Marvel Comics.

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He actually resembles the villain "Hotness" from Marvel's "Champions."

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You are a God among insects. Never let anyone tell you different - Magneto

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St. John?, okay, not very common as a first name, but cool
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It is fairly common in the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth nations, such as Australia. It is pronounced "Sinjin" or "Sinjen"
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Awesome, the things you can learn many times
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Holy shit Guy fieri was hot in his teens
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I was just about to say

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The shark lighter from the movies is a nice touch.
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it must suck not able to create his one fire
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hey Roysovitch and phil-cho is Earth-27M part of Earth-27 or is it like an adjacent parallel universe? Also why are they set in 1993 is it because of the Fox X-Men cartoon from that time? 
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It's from another universe, so they won't be seeing the E27 DC characters.
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Eh... E27M is a "subsidiary reality" of the core Earth-27's cosmology. They're connected. They affect one another but in subtle ways within the cosmological sense. It's complicated and there are no plans for much crossover between the two, but there will be some. After all, there are characters like Access and Kismet who were created to connect Marvel and DC, and others like say the Greek Gods might show up often between the two realities.
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That’s the primary date they’re focusing on, they’ll get to the evolution of the characters and other years soon

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Technically, the school starts in 1993 but the "present" time is actually 1995, two years into the school's launch.

The reasons for 1993 are myriad.
-1993 is 27 years before 2020
-1993 gives the setting a nostalgic aesthetic
-1993 is at the height of Marvel's "X-plosion" which is fitting as I'm using the X-Men to lay a foundation for my interpretation of the Marvel universe
-1993 allows us to see the "First Class" of X-Men grow from teenagers to adults who can have their own adult children in the present day in a realistic universe where new children don't just come from the future as time-travelers or hop over from alternate realities every other Tuesday
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Oooohhhh... I see. That's really clever and interesting to see the multi-generational X-Men. Also it's genuinely fascinating to see the X-Men as the foundation of a version of the Marvel Universe, I always thought of them as the new guys and the Fantastic Four as the first guys. 
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This is them as teenagers all attending Xavier’s school. Eventually it’ll jump ahead to present day and we’ll see them as adults

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This branch of the Earth-27 project is set in the nineties. I'd almost forgotten how colorful that decade was. 
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