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Son-El (Goku/Superman fusion)

Imagine if Goku and Superman did the fusion dance! Son Goku x Kal El = Son-El 

Other names: Goclark, Gokent, Gok-El, Gokal, Kakor-El, Kakorlark, Kakorkent, Kakorkal, Kal-Ku, Kalorot, Super Saiyan Man

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Hears the name it’s OVERPOWERED
Coasty30's avatar
I want to see him take on General Zod.
Letdragon's avatar
Literally the coolest idea ever. 
Hawkridge75's avatar
Mastered Ultra Instinct Son-El Prime One Million?
JJWS92's avatar
When he turns into Ōzaru he becomes a combination of the Great Ape and Doomsday! Imagine a giant, white furred ape with glowing red eyes, and sharp, rock like spikes growing all over it!
The most powerful being in history.
Darkseid, Frieza, Brainiac, Cell, Majin Buu, Trigon, Zamasu, Doomsday, Beerus... and just about every incredibly strong guy and/or bad guy in DC and Dragon Ball. It was nice knowing ya.
Andruril93's avatar
This is really cool.  Great idea and work.  I like both these guys, so this really fits for my tastes.
The most powerful being in the universe.
I would have gone with Kal-Karot (or maybe Gokent), but good picture.
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Ooh I like Gokent - sounds like the name would fit right in the DBZ universe.
Andruril93's avatar
Yeah, maybe Son-El could be his "off-world real name", and he could go by Gokent on Earth.
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Better than the names I came up with: Gokuperman, Kalkarot. Clarkarot, Clarku. 
Psychoboy07's avatar
Seeing as how Goku was inspired by Superman, I imagine Goku would look much the same. ;)

In all seriousness, that was one of the bigger inspirations for the character.
phil-cho's avatar
I don't quite see it that way. I'm a fan of both characters, and if you've watched or read the original Dragon Ball - you'll see that Goku was very much a unique character to his own right. There was nothing about Goku that was remotely close to Superman. If his character was inspired by anything, he was inspired by the monkey king from the Journey West. The big reveal that Goku is one of the last survivors of an alien race wasn't until Raditz was introduced in Dragon Ball Z. Before then, Goku was just a strange boy with a monkey tail with incredible strength and speed. The way I see it, Toriyama created an original character, and then turned him into Superman...or at least gave him elements of Superman.

Goku definitely shares a lot of similarities with the Man of Steel, but it wasn't always the case. I wouldn't say Superman inspired the creation of Goku, but Superman definitely inspired the idea of Goku being a Saiyan, and him going "Super" Saiyan. It's probably why Western audiences respond more to DBZ than DB... it was originally an adventure story about this little boy who gained friends along the way, and by the time he became an adult, he became a hero who defeated essentially super villains.
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cool what fusion awesome of superman and goku is increible two powers in one is one great work congratulations friend:D
Aslan1's avatar
Wow, if this ever happend every single being with evil intentions in the entire multiverse would s**t themselves......twice.
epicvictory2025's avatar
Yep, Even Galactus, Unicron, Thanos, Darkseid, The Anti Monitor, Chakravaratin (Asura's Wrath), Cthulhu, Living Tribunal and MANY other powerful fictional characters would shit their pants..... twice.
assassin57's avatar
Oh Jesus. A man without limit and a man who can overcome limit fused together. That's a terrifying combo.
epicvictory2025's avatar
What are his powers and abilities along with how strong, fast and tough is he? 
FlameRush459's avatar
Superman's power is already ridiculous, toggle with the Super Saiyan God forms and with the solar radiation. This dude will be the most powerful man in all universes.
epicvictory2025's avatar
Yeah. This being would be one of the most OP, non reality warping character there is.
FlameRush459's avatar
Dude, even if there was a reality warping villain. Son-El will still win. It's a fact dude. Only one who i think will be able to stand a chance is Vision Manhunter (Fusion of Martian Manhunter and Vision) Because of Vision's power comes from an infinity stone and MM's wisdom, abilities, intelligence and experience.
epicvictory2025's avatar
Now imagine if Son-El is able to access super Saiyan and also bathing in the sun for a good 15 minutes.
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