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Sin v.2 (Earth-27) commission

By phil-cho
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"Sin" sponsored by :iconghostlyelegance: GhostlyElegance for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27 project.

Character belongs to DC Comics.

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Oh, it's Thea. That explains it.
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Good afternoon, very interesting path that Thea Queen has been given! No doubt I love this evolution of the character, I look forward to her respective Oracle file.

I understand that the character who uses the code name "Sin" in the comics is Cynthia, the adopted daughter of Black Canary. I would be interested to know why you have chosen this take for Oliver's half-sister, I am really surprised.

On the other hand, I have a question: Does the new year (2018) imply that Earth-2027 is now "Earth-2028"?
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It is still morning where I live, but thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it.

I chose this because as some have pointed out, White Canary had a friend named Sin in Arrow. I took that concept and put placed it into Thea. I also changed the concept of Black Canary looking after a girl named Sin to White Canary looking after a woman named Sin - only instead of a surrogate mother/daughter relationship, it's a best friend/possible lover type scenario. 

No. "2027" is still in 2027. The "Living Timeline" is a few months behind. It is still August in Earth-27 right now and in 2027, it's even further back as it is still February.
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Will 2027 get to it's new year or is the time there relatively slow to the current time (2018)?
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Sure it'll get to 2028 eventually. My real life hit a snag so I couldn't keep up with the production schedule so I instituted a delay in the living timeline. It continues to move forward, but no longer in real time. There were just too many complex stories I had to tell with too many characters.
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What is the belly tattoo supposed to be?
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Something to do with the seven deadly sins maybe? There are seven dots, so maybe the spiral is the path down to hell and each dot represents one of the sins.
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I have my moments.
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Good analysis. ;)
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The joys of being raised Catholic. ;) Also, it is believed the center of Hell is believed to be the Devil's belly button and the center of the swirl is hers. 
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Really!? That’s Thea Queen!? I was hoping she’s Speedy.
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Arrowette I (Earth-27) commiaaion by phil-cho
This is her as a sidekick.
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Nice new identity for Thea. 
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This song suits our hardcore archer perfectly…
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You are correct on that sir.
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Love the name of the seven sins written on her arm. Thus her name 'Sin'
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So this is Thea’s evolution....Holy Hell she looks so different, like a stone cold badass who doesn’t take crap from anyone
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"Holy Hell" I see what you did there! 😂
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Yeah I know, but seriously she looks like she belongs in a war zone or desert in the Middle East leading soldiers or something, I’ve never seen so much hardcore badassery and utter power emanate from someone
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Is that Thea?
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Does she not look like Thea?
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