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Silver Banshee (Earth-27) commission

“Silver Banshee” sponsored the patrons on Patreon for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch’s Earth-27 project.

Character belongs to DC Comics.

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Nice Silver Banshee :)

AlanNights2013's avatar
1 of my Favorite Designs DC ever gave us...
SnakeWinter's avatar
I like this look for her, biker girl and super villain nice.
playboybatman's avatar

she was done dirty in hell to pay but god silver banshee is so badass, and i love her so much!!

this is so amazing, thank you!!!!

They say, that she is a copy od Marvel character, but she is just like Black Canary

AndreNitro's avatar
This is my favorite version of her! Irish accent and all.
Monkata8710's avatar
WoW this is Amazing!!
Can't wait for more with her
RavenT2's avatar
I LOVED the version of Silver Banshee in "Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay." Therefore, I love this. LOL!
Jimma1300's avatar
She was so badass in SSHTP! I wish they did more with her instead of just making her Professor Zoom's errand girl and have Killer Frost just kill her unceremoniously. It's a shame Silver Banshee has pretty much devolved into just being a toss-away evil version of Black Canary, they should make her more like the comics
Jedi-Paladin-AJ-Ray's avatar
Would she count as good or bad on here?
ndd1982's avatar
(GULP)  Okay, forget what I just said! :scared: 
When i found out she was irish and put a voice to her, i just fell in love with it, i can not see her with any other voice know.
Jimma1300's avatar
Julie Nathanson does a great Irish accent :) 
son-of-clan-Ross's avatar
that's pretty awesome
GunMasterG3's avatar
People like you should be working for DC, not Gail Simone and Robbie Rodriguez.
TheBlakeBuz's avatar
Don’t know much about Robbie Rodriguez (though a quick Google search makes it seem that he’s most recently employed at Marvel) but what’s wrong with Simone? 
GunMasterG3's avatar
She used to be great, but she sold out all her old writer/artist friends for cheap twitter/sjw/npc points, and hasn't written anything good since 2016.

I can't stand the woman now. As for Rodriguez... he sent pictures of his exposed anus to Ethan Van Sciver simply because he was the "leader" of comicgate at the time and his indie comic Cyberfrog Bloodhoney became the biggest and most successful indie comic of the year. 

He should be locked up in a padded cell.
TheBlakeBuz's avatar
I thought her Plastic Man mini-series was pretty good. And what do you mean by selling out her friends for brownie points?
Definitely odd to send a picture of your asshole to an asshole but what’s wrong with him winning an award for his comic?
GunMasterG3's avatar
Basically she’s one of those writers who constantly chirps on Twitter about crap she should keep her business out of. She threw Jon Malin under the bus, EVS under the bus, and the Brietwissers amongst other  people simply because they voted Republican.

There’s nothing wrong with Robbie winning an award for his work, but I believe his award should have been revoked and he should have been fired for his unprofessional conduct. 

But it didn’t happen because he’s on the “correct” side of the political game.
TheBlakeBuz's avatar
So Simone is the bad person for calling out somebody who compared SJWs to Nazis, a central figure in Comicsgate, and a guy who supports probably the most controversial figure in the world? Also that comic you were talking about didn’t belong to Robbi. It belonged to EVS.
GunMasterG3's avatar
I see I’m not going to convince you of anything. If you like Gail, that’s fine. 

I lost too many friends already over pointless arguements like this. The thing is... I despise pretty much all western media and entertainment today. 

I want to burn it all and start from scratch
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