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Jean Grey [1993] (Earth-27M) commission

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"Jean Grey" (1993) sponsored by the Earth-27 Community for Roysovitch's Earth-27M project.

Character belongs to Marvel Comics.

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Is this a time BEFORE The X-Men?

Great Work!

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You know, I say if Jean(even the original mainstream) looked more like this, she wouldn't be all womanly sarcastic and supermodelish and Wolverine wouldn't be flirting with her and rival Scott over her.

In fact, I think Scott would love her even if looking like this. Leave all that beauty and arrogance to Emma.
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She reminds me of Delirium from Sandman. 
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O_O Jean with short hair, never thought of that design.

She looks great :D 
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Honestly Jean would be the creative artist type. I could absolutely see her painting portraits of everyone, Scott, Logan and Xavier especially. 
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Whether it’s art or mutants, there aren’t any mistakes. Just happy accidents! 👍

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Last time I saw a version of Jean Grey with that haircut was in Earth-1610 as well as the Earth-311 were she was disguised as a boy and had the name John Grey.
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I like this, I really like this new version a lot, gives the character more variety and a different take from her
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Meh...looks too much like Janine from Ghostbusters. Which makes it look like she's supernaturally charged rather than psychic, and Janine did have a fairy god mother & magic lamp at one point so....
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whas she a painter in the comics
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A nice new look for the character

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Glasses and short hair? Well, quite different
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I find it interesting you guys made her an artist. What was the concept behind that?

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Making her a more well-rounded character.
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Mmmm.... pixie ginger!
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This guy gets it!
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Okay, compared to Erik and Lorna, she's just showing off XP
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Huh... never saw a tomboy haired Jean before, very Ruby Rose looking.

Nice, I like it. 
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Same, but the overalls will take some getting used to.

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Quite different than most versions I've seen. I like it. 
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