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Jasonstroke (Earth-27) commission


"Jasonstroke" created and commissioned by::iconsassmos09: sassmos09 for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27 project.

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GoFundMe campaign for Earth-27:

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I mean it would look cooler without the gun holder.
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Then where would be keep his guns?
He has a Sword. Deathstroke has a gun and a Sword but he is far more Deadly when using his sword. Just like Katana and Lady Shiva.
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But he is not Deathstroke... Still doesn't answer why he shouldn't need a gun holder
It would look colder without the gun Holder.
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ah, a "what if" where Jason goes on the deep end in the name of getting revenge on Bruce, to the point he becomes a apprentice to Slade? hmmm.. 
Jimbodeek's avatar

Sounds a bit like the story of the Teen Titans two-parter "Apprentice", except that Jason willingly joins instead of being forced into it.

Vader1996's avatar
That has to be my favourite combination of two of my favourite dc characters and would love to cosplay as this character with your permission of course 
sassmos09's avatar
Yes please do a cosplay! I would love to see it!
Diegoutetsuma's avatar
Awesome combination :D!!
TheFlashAndDCN52's avatar
Now, this should used in a comic!!!
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Deathstroke/Red Hood Amalgam, or did Jason take over the role from Slade Wilson?
Mixedfan8643's avatar
A fusion of Deathstroke and Jason Todd? That's creative. :)
MegaD3's avatar
Cool design on him
Alexander514's avatar
Cool design man! That outfit is really dope! The only thing I'd change is have one of the guns be "King" and the other one be "Kirby", like they each have names and together they're "King Kirby", but pretty cool all around! Welcome to the OC club ;)
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Who is this guy under the mask?
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Excellent detail on the armor.  And of course "Long live the King" Jack Kirby!  
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That’s a hell of a look! Well done, Phil and :iconsassmos09:.
The Jason for the mashup may be Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and the mask or whole suit of body armor is a cursed object just like from the TV Series of the same name.
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I enjoy the look, but don't get it. 
sassmos09's avatar
You will soon!
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Forget a mashup of Jason Todd and Deathstroke; I may see this as one HECK of a rendition of Red Hood. :D
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