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Hot Pursuit (Earth-27) commission

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"Hot Pursuit" sponsored by :iconnickbp36: nickbp36 and Patreon patrons for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27 project.

Character belongs to DC Comics.

FB page for Earth-27:
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I thought Hot Pursuit in the comics was Barry Allen from another earth and how come he/she doesn't have the helmet on? :/
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That's true, it's because Patty Spivot did become the new Hot Pursuit in Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost. Albeit, using the same suit, helmet and all.

I think the reason this Hot Pursuit doesn't have a helmet on iss because Earth-27 usually is about experimentation with both characters and ususal costumes.

Admittedly, I was looking forward to her wearing a helmet as well, since I felt that was what made the Hot Pursuit outfit stand out. Maybe she'll have one later. Or at least I hope so.
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You know I've been a DC fanboy/nut my whole life and I never heard of Hot Pursuit! I need to read more! 
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realy like her suite
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AHHHH, less than 500 away from the gofundme goal!!
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God you would make a lot of money selling DC Themed clothes.
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Hell I'd pay you to draw 6 of my characters right now if I had them copywritten. 
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So is she also a part of the Continuity Police or it just something similar to their outfits?
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Yes, she's a part of the Continuity Police. She's ensuring that none of the speedsters, Flash especially, break Rule #1
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Makes you wonder if their Continuity Police Officers for each hero family. Each one making sure they don't break the rules of continuity.
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Seems like it would be a waste for Double Dubs and Batman. Superman maybe, but Roy nerfed him for E-27 so it might be just for Flash and his crew
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If I remember right rule 1 is no time travel right? Well no offence but the only speedster I wanna see break rule 1 is Eobard Thawne I mean Thawne holds a huge place in the Flash's life.
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According to Roy, poor Eobard is going to have a modern day origin.
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As much as I love Earth-27 I wish that's the only person who'd break that rule, I mean Eobard is a great villain cause he can't kill Barry or else he won't become the Reverse-Flash so he just ruins his life like kill his mom, or cripple his friend, I mean he's a great villain, next to Joker of course.
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LOL, I had a feeling this version of her would be next!

(Well, not really. I only realized so after a commenter on her civilian attire deviation asked about her being Hot Pursuit.)
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