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Hank McCoy [1993] (Earth-27M) commission

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"Hank McCoy" (1993) sponsored by the Earth-27 Community for Roysovitch's Earth-27M project.

Character belongs to Marvel Comics.

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"What could possibly go wrong?"
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Hank is a scientist and a diplomate. SO the least he can do is dress the part.
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Maybe those are his vacation cloths.

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Nice hints of his Blue character in other means without his fur.
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His fists are the size of his head.  I like it.
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Yeah, that's it. He's also pretty strong and very agile.

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Now the only one left to complete the First Class piece is Warren. 
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A,K,A, His so called "Cure".
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I kinda wonder if his hairy form will look like his Marvel 1602 counterpart or more in line with his 90's cartoon counterpart or like what he looked like in X-Men Evolution counterpart. 
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I Guess we all gonna find out Tomorrow.
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Unlikely as this is the only version of Hank funded thus far. 
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True, but this is the Hank that the old school X-Men fans do remember.
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Famous last photos.
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Wow this Beast looks like he'd be a cool guy to hangout with.
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Beast is one of my favourite characters I'd love to hang out with ...
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He's the kindest heart of the X-Men.
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And the smartest and (one of) the strongest.
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Very true, well until for a short time the Juggernaut joined the X-Men and when Colossus who was strong got Juggernaut's power then Beast was like OK I'm the smartest.
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Yeah. But still, Hank's pretty strong and also quick and agile. If he fights - he can be a very dangerous opponent even for master of hand-to-hand combat.

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Very true and Hank's got heart for his friends and the students of the school he doesn't give up for them, I just hate Dark Hank.
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