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Deathstroke (E27: Enhanced) commission

By phil-cho
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"Deathstroke" sponsored by the Earth-27 Patreon patrons for Roysovitch’s Earth-27 project.
Character belongs to DC Comics.

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Draw it without a mask please 🤩
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ok so i get the red eye, but why 2 swords, i understand the need for a back up one but he's no deadpool he inspired deadpool, usually when deathstroke has 2 swords it's normally in his lighter costume, i.e. his first appearance, titans, things like that, here it just looks awkward, however in a way it does work, as a nice homage to those designs, not to mention how the rest of just feels like an amalgamation of all of his iconic designs into 1, at least it isn't the dreaded 90s outfit that he wore.

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Slade is so awesome.

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In all honesty I keep thinking of Slade with a tattoo that say's "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" with "Fortune favors the strong" under it on his back or on his left or right arm maybe his chest if possible.
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Please tell me he's voiced by Ron Perlman!
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I love this armor ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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how can he be stealthy and not maak noise with all that gear on him
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What's Enhanced?
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Deathstroke commission by phil-cho  old Deathstroke. Enhanced is like a second chance at some of the older E-27 pictures
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Basicaly a remake/revamp.

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That's awesome!, I really need to see Phil's previous artwork 
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Somehow, armed to the teeth doesn't quite describe him.
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I like how the design is like an amalgamation or other Deathstroke designs (it looks like a lot of Arkham games influence), as well as some original designs.  Very nice!
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Lose the sawtooth sword but gain a multipurpose staff, I dig
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It could be on his back.
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