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Classical Poseiden commission

By phil-cho
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Commissioned by Roysovitch's for his "NeOlympus" project.

Concept/Design by Roy Westerman

Roy's dA page:

NeOlympus FB page:

NeOlympus GoFundMe page:
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But why exactly is he a blonde?
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I’m a big fan of Poseidon ever since I’ve read the Percy Jackson series! I love the ocean and everything in it!
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He's my fave, love the sea and that trident :D
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Now this is badass.
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PersistentPedroProfessional Digital Artist
does he serve waffles at the waffle
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WolvengraHobbyist General Artist
Very nice.
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ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
Love the trident design and the horse head on his belt! The shades of blue are used to amazing effect here, and the black armor and silver accents just really make the blue of his eyes and armor stand out! 
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Wow, that is fantabulous!
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fishgutsconquersallStudent General Artist
Is NeOlympus part of E-27?
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Kinda/Sorta/Not really.

NeOlympus itself is not built upon the idea that the gods came from a world where there was an immortal caveman roaming around or that Zeus had sired Wonder Woman, therefore in "NeOlympus" itself, there is no connection.

Yet... In Earth-27's continuity, the past events of NeOlympus did happen and the Gods of Olympus did retire from Earth to take up residence in Elysium, but some gods like Zeus, Ares, and more still visit Earth and have resources invested in Earth... Whereas in proper NeOlympus, only Hermes visits Earth with some frequency.

So, in my NeOlympus stories, Earth-27 does not exist; but in Earth-27 NeOlympus is more or less canon.

I hope you can follow that. Thanks.
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Sagebrush-N-SaddlesProfessional General Artist
LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! That's Posiedon! Finally someone that's got it right. The god was not the old man of the sea. You nailed it brother! MEGA KUDOS!!!!!
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Most appreciated. Thank you.
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer
Its so rare to see Poseidon without a white beard.:D
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Love the horse detail
These classical versions give me a little bit of Saint Seiya nostalgia
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
He is the Father of Horses. :D
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I know, and now that I think about it, it's the first time I see that fact incorporated in his design
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
His NeOlympus design had a horse head on it.
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Man, I had never realised that
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
Did you noticed the bull design on Olympian Zeus’s belt?
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Now I did
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