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Batman (White Knight) commission

Character  Batman
Batman from White Knight commission.
Character belongs to DC Comics.
Art by Phil Cho.
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Please upload:

John Stewart ,

Blue Beetle ( Jaime Reyes ) ,

Guy Gardner ,

Doctor Fate,

and Batwoman and Batwing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He has already done them.

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Please upload tempest.

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“I love Gotham, and it’s time I paid her back for the debt owed by the Joker. The city deserves better than you, better than the Joker and better than the Dark Knight. So I’m going to be her White Knight.”

Excellent job making the Bat Glare look more vicious here than usual! 😱😱😱


Damn, i like the Van Helsing look

I never liked the collar for that particular version of the batsuit. But....other than the collar,it's still a pretty solid design overall.

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I think the addition of the collar by Sean Gordon Murphy was to add to the image of this Batman being a more villainous Batman

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Actually, it was an homage to the Gotham by Gaslight design of Batman, along with drawing influences from Frank Miller's Batman and the one from Batman: The Animated Series.

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Yeah, the collar kinda gives me vampire vibes. Which, admittedly, that's pretty cool but there's already a Vampire Batman.
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Probably my favorite modern batsuit
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Still need to read this

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Awesome plus white knight series is pretty good

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Fantastic. His costume is similar to Batman's in Gotham by Gaslight.

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Nicely done!

Gotta admit, I envy your talent/skill

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